Ryanish Is Trying To Scam Me!

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23-09-2005 21:21:51

I did a trade with Ryanish and since I had low trades - I went first.

After I was done it took me a few days to finally get ahold of him & he then said that he had done the site he had promised me - for someone else. So I went down a list of sites that I could use & he said that he did them all. He would have to pay me. Reluctantly I agreed & was paid instantly.

Today, I got an email from Paypal about a buyer complaint from

Ryan Pennington

So I figured that maybe my green went red or something, but I just checked and everything is fine.

This little bastard is trying to get his money back!


I think he may also be listed as "refined" on some forums, but I could be wrong about this. Hopefully a mod can confirm or deny this thought.


23-09-2005 21:23:48

yeah he has already been banned, and yes, he was "refined" also.


23-09-2005 21:33:23

as long as you respond to the paypal claim you will not lose the money he paid you.


24-09-2005 08:36:19

I also got a paypal complaint last night. I'm going to respond and see what happens, but since I don't know whether he can change his complaint I'm not going to post about how I intend to fight it. When I win, I'll post my response to them, for anyone who needs it.


24-09-2005 09:38:09

O man guys are you serious. He did the same to me. im like what the hell is going on. I responded to the claim. Im not letting him get his money back. What a scammer.


26-09-2005 16:19:13

I found this posted at Anything4free.com - I have no idea how reliable it is, but, it's a start.

[quote9f72560b7d="porschepunk68"]Ok boys and girls, here is a post that everyone should check out before accepting cash via paypal for being a referral or ANY virtual service through paypal

As you all know, paypal (sucks D ) 99% of the time doesn't deal with any virtual service any will always favor the seller (the one getting the money, aka you).

Now, if you happened to get scammed through paypal by someone filing a claim against you, (through the "resolution center") this is EXACTLY what you do

1. click the "resolution center" tab

2. under the appropriate case #, press the respond button

3. go to provide tracking information

4. when this window comes up, it should have 3 text bars.
the first will be tracking#, second, shipping provider, and third, other.

5. Label tracking # "Virtual Intangible Service"
Label shipping provider "other"
Label other "Virtual Intangible Service"
hit "ok"

By doing this, it is, one, responding to your claim, and two, letting paypal know that this is a "virtual service" and that the claim should be in your favor.

within a week or so, paypal should favor the case and you should get your money back and then you will proceed to label the idiot you just dealt with a "scammer" all over the A4f forums and they will never get their last ref for their free ipod. thumbsup

If you feel you have some valuable information to help the paypal reps, (pm's, e-mails, screenshots,etc.) e-mail them at email==complaint-response@paypal.comcomplaint-response@paypal.com=complaint-response@paypal.comcomplaint-response@paypal.com/email with the subject as your case #.

Now if this doesn't work and they for some reason manage to win the case and get their (which is really yours) money back, then please proceed

1. get real pissed off. paypal sucks and we all know it.

2. calm down. this is the time when you have to really investigate what exactly happened and how to get your money back as quickly as possible.

3. get on the phone, (NOT e-mail) and call paypal. their # is 402-935-2050

their hours are 400 AM PDT to 1000 PM PDT Monday through Friday
600 AM PDT to 800 PM PDT on Saturday and Sunday

I suggest calling them as early as possible on a weekday so you are not on hold for half an hour only to be transferred and waiting another half hour.

4. have your case #, last 4 digits of your bank account #, and your paypal phone # ( the one you used to create your account) handy.

5. find out exactly why they favored the case in the other party's favor.

Now here comes the tricky part

Confirm that they know it is a virtual service and what it was i.e. freeipods, free360xbox, etc. (by them knowing what exactly this transaction was, it will better help them close the case in your favor.)

Confirm all e-mails sent. In most cases, e-mails will get "mixed up" and somehow there will be an e-mail about you going down to the post office and there being problems, or some random incident that never happened. (how could this be, it was service???) you need to bring this up to the paypal customer service and tell them you did not send this e-mail. You know it isn't and you can confirm that because the e-mail will not be secure ( sent directly to paypal from your account through "help" @ paypal.com top right corner)

The paypal rep should see this and be able to appeal this case in your favor and the money go back into your account.

I hope you all gained some knowledge by reading this post and feel a little more confident making future transactions with other users. [/quote9f72560b7d]


26-09-2005 21:53:49

This jerkoff scamed me a long time ago...However I scared him into giving me a ref on another site...Hopefully he wont be dq'ed dont know yet since im stuck on the site (macminis4free)...Can we find this guy and hang him??


27-09-2005 13:30:40

He got me too, I paid him and am trying to get my $$ back from PayPal. He followed the steps above though, responded and put in virtual service or something like that. I'll probably not get my money back. (


27-09-2005 14:37:54

Well, I'm not sure if it was my response to his complaint, or whether it was my email to him about the complaint, but either way, he closed the complaint and I got my money bac. Hooray.