captainjack ignoring PM's

Live forum:


23-09-2005 21:16:21

I've PM'ed captainjack concerning a trade we had planned a couple of weeks ago. I did his offer, and then he said he was having problems with his site. He also said that if the problem didn't get fixed, that he would do an offer for me anyway.

I've been PM'ing him asking if it has been taken care of, but he just ignores me. I'd like to know where we stand, since I did complete an offer for him.

Hoping that this post at least gets his attention, and the attention of people who plan to trade with him.


26-09-2005 13:32:24

um.. check your PMs?


26-09-2005 15:10:55

Well, after you read (and ignored) three of my PM's (I know the difference between the Sent and the Outbox), you finally responded! Yay! Thanks!

Looking forward to completing the transaction.


29-09-2005 11:33:01

Not responding again to read PM's. Waited for a while now. Can we just get this settled and worked out, please?