Stackmjwiz still no green

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23-09-2005 14:14:45

Ok i imed him about it he said he got no responce from its been 2 days since he e-mailed.. i usually get a responce in the same day and still no green for a while and in the module hes requesting deletion and i greened him already he claims to see no instnt offer but all my refs i ask do and he wont green for me


23-09-2005 18:00:40

I greened for stackmjwiz exactly 10 days ago and he hasn't gone green for me yet. He said he did, which is supposed to be instant on FlashIpods4Free. And in our PMs, he doesn't seem very eager to contact Trainn support or anything like that. I've had a successful trade with him before, so I'm still being patient. But he's my last referral on FlashIpods, so I kinda wish he would hurry up.


23-09-2005 18:02:43

I didn't get any credit at all (after two weeks) for on flashipods, even after I finished the enitre site and recieved my payout.


23-09-2005 18:08:03

stack doesnt feel veryeager to contat oc also