kodellin - please read before trading with this user

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23-09-2005 08:02:39

Finally, my very own scammers thread. Sorry for all the detail, but I want to demonstrate that I have given these two every opportunity to make good on their end of the trade before posting here.

I AM NOT calling kodellin a scammer YET, but he's about as close as you can get...

09/8/05 – I open a trade with r00sh his thefreeproject for my xbox360s.freepay.com.
9/8/05 – Since r00sh has a higher TR, I immediately open an account at thefreeproject and complete the Appera Teeth Whitening offer. This is how I roll.
9/12/05 – r00sh is banned.
9/12/05 – I contact r00sh via email. He tells me that he had arranged the trade on behalf of a friend, and that the friend would be completing his end of the deal.
9/14/05 – Kodellin, the friend on whose behalf r00sh set up the trade with me, posts that he has greened for someone but cannot contact him. Through correspondence with r00sh, I realize that kodellin is talking about me. http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=21913[]http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=21913
9/14/05 – I respond in kodellin’s thread, clarifying the situation. R00sh had given kodellin a reflink for the wrong site entirely--kodellin has NOT greened for me. I note in my post that we’re trying to work something out.
9/14/05 – Kodellin and I PM back and forth as I explain that r00sh gave him the wrong site/reflink. I ask him to show me the reflink he used to sign up, and I confirm that it isn’t mine. Kodellin commits to upholding his end of the deal.
9/15/05 – Kodellin PMs a list of sites he can’t do, asking me to tell him which site I’d like him to green on. I respond that I’m only working on two sites, neither of which he can do. I offer him $20 PayPal as an option. He doesn’t respond.
9/16/05 – r00sh and I exchange some emails regarding the trade. He is still a confused child and thinks that kodellin is signed up under me. This remains false.
9/19/05 – No word from Kodellin. I add yourfreeflatscreen and dvdrecorders4free to his options for completing his end of the trade, in case he can’t send PayPal. He reads and ignores this PM too.
9/20/05 – I email r00sh to ask whether he’s heard from Kodellin. I reiterate that I’m willing to be flexible since it’s a tough situation. No response.
9/21/05 – Still no word from Kodellin. I send him another PM asking him what he wants to do. Like the last few, he reads it but doesn’t respond.
9/22/05 – I send both Kodellin and r00sh a final email summarizing the history of the trade and asking them to please decide how they’re going to complete their end of the deal.
9/22/05 — R00sh writes back “well is there anything else u need? Because he can’t do xbox360s.freepay.com.” I regret ever speaking with r00sh and pity his friends, family, and teachers.
9/22/05 – Kodellin (TR 0) writes back “You have not completed an offer for me at thefreeproject. I see you as registered but not green.”
9/22/05 – Resisting the urge to curse and call him names, I explain to kodellin the FIPG trade rules and tell him that, had I known when I opened a trade with r00sh that a newb would be completing the trade, I would have made him go first. I reiterate his options, adding that if he doesn’t email me by the morning of 9/23/05, I plan to open a thread in the Accouncements, Scammers, Impersonators section at FIPG and notify all interested parties of his shady behavior.
9/23/05 – No email from Kodellin. I post in the Scammers thread.

So, long story short, I’m screwed. I realize that the odds of me getting anything out of this trade are slim to none since r00sh is banned and kodellin isn't an active user here. But I wouldn’t mind seeing a little mod involvement in resolving this nonsense.

Additionally, as Kodellin noted, I have already gone yellow for him at thefreeproject. I actually did complete an offer, but I’m reluctant to open a no-credit support ticket—after all, the last thing I want now is to green for this guy. Any suggestions on how to handle this?


23-09-2005 08:17:11

Well, since this trade is officially no with kodelin, i would say he would have to go green first, before you worry about your green for his site. The way they are ignoring you, sounds like they don't plan on upholding their end of the deal anyways.

I think a mod should look at thier IP's and make sure they are actually differnent people.


23-09-2005 08:32:12

I agree that he should have to green first, but these guys speak in sentence fragments, so it's tough to get him to even acknowledge that.

I'm pretty confident that they're two separate people, but it would be interesting to see someone confirm this.