I forget his FIPG name.. "catsarenotdogs" on AIM,

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=22670


22-09-2005 22:36:03

Seemed to be a fine trade for a long time. I did freedigitalcameras for him, he did free360xbox for me. Well, he's grey now.

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Anyway, screwed over again. roll


22-09-2005 22:57:57

did you try contacting freepay or jake about it? did you try contacting the trader himself about it?

i know who the guy is but im not gonna post his name if you havent even tried to fix the situation or even contact anyone about it.


22-09-2005 22:58:50

He told me all his gratis accounts were on hold and that he messaged Jake and Gratis. Since he lives in Houston, he was also evacuating and wouldn't be on for a few days probably. Did you aim him?


22-09-2005 23:04:13

Hm. I'll AIM him as soon as possible.. Could someone PM me his FIPG name so I can send him a PM?


22-09-2005 23:12:59


locked until both parties have tried as much as possible to get the situation sorted out.