Ipodjon impersonator lol

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22-09-2005 18:55:38

me [945 P.M.] hey
Brosser06 [945 P.M.] hi
me [945 P.M.] this is gratis rocks
Brosser06 [945 P.M.] ah ok
Brosser06 [945 P.M.] cool
me [945 P.M.] ok so u imed me
Brosser06 [945 P.M.] yeah
Brosser06 [945 P.M.] i was wondering if you could do Flatscreens4Free?
me [945 P.M.] yea
me [945 P.M.] can u do notebooks4free
Brosser06 [946 P.M.] Yep!
Brosser06 [946 P.M.] Your TR is 5 I see
me [946 P.M.] ok whats ur trade record
Brosser06 [946 P.M.] Mine is 20 - Name is Ipodjon
me [946 P.M.] k do u have doom offers
Brosser06 [946 P.M.] Nope
Brosser06 [946 P.M.] none
me [946 P.M.] k
me [946 P.M.] i have doom b=but theres one instnt wine and u can cancel and get a refund!
Brosser06 [947 P.M.] okay. I <3 wine.
Brosser06 [947 P.M.] D
me [947 P.M.] lol
Brosser06 [947 P.M.] I have a lot of instant/cheap offers
Brosser06 [947 P.M.] want my referral link?
me [948 P.M.] wait can u pm me
Brosser06 [948 P.M.] not at the moment
Brosser06 [948 P.M.] can't get on the site
Brosser06 [948 P.M.] browser isn't working in general
Flyersman67 [948 P.M.] hmmm
Brosser06 [948 P.M.] fucking netscape browser (
me [949 P.M.] then how di u c i was +5
me [949 P.M.] and y is ur aim on the site not this
Brosser06 [949 P.M.] i have multiple IMs
Brosser06 [949 P.M.] and I can use firefox somewhat
Brosser06 [949 P.M.] but i cant do any of the things that popup
Brosser06 [949 P.M.] like private messages
me [949 P.M.] pm doesnt pop up its a new screen so do that
me [950 P.M.] its the same as lookin in a profile
Brosser06 [950 P.M.] a new screen = popup to firefox
me [950 P.M.] so how u see my profile
me [950 P.M.] aim me with ur other s/n on fig
Brosser06 [950 P.M.] are you seriously that paranoid?
me [950 P.M.] ive been scammed
me [951 P.M.] so can ya
Brosser06 [951 P.M.] so have i
Brosser06 [951 P.M.] we all have
me [951 P.M.] ok wlell i jus double check cause u can get into my profile but not pm
me [951 P.M.] so aim me on ur s/n wioth fig
Brosser06 [951 P.M.] i saw your posts..
Brosser06 [951 P.M.] you can look at your posts
Brosser06 [951 P.M.] \
Brosser06 [951 P.M.] and itll show Tr
Brosser06 [951 P.M.] and I'm not getting on my other IM, sorry
Brosser06 [951 P.M.] im talking to my friends and everything
me [951 P.M.] ok do quick reply there and send a aimed post
Brosser06 [952 P.M.] aimed post?
Brosser06 [952 P.M.] quick reply?
Brosser06 [952 P.M.] wtf?
Brosser06 [952 P.M.] Cant we just do a trade?
me [952 P.M.] well when u on the page u can reply in a box at the bottom instead of cliking new post jus type i aimed you and ill know its you
Brosser06 [953 P.M.] dude
Brosser06 [953 P.M.] i'm not going through all the trouble
Brosser06 [953 P.M.] just to get a green
me [953 P.M.] well i think ur an impersonator
me [953 P.M.] scammer
Brosser06 [953 P.M.] my trades are always fast and quick on IM
Brosser06 [953 P.M.] right
Brosser06 [953 P.M.] w/e
Brosser06 signed off at 953 P.M.


22-09-2005 19:11:54

Rule of thumb Always confirm through FIG!


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26-09-2005 02:52:48

Wow. I just saw this - guess I should search my name more often. That wasn't me - glad you put 2+2 together and figured it out.

Just so everyone knows... I don't work trades thru IM's - anything and everything goes thru the trade module. Just my rule of thumb.


26-09-2005 03:32:52

Glad he was caught! Btw, I wouldn't recommend leaving your AIM S/N in your profile )


26-09-2005 06:05:44

[quotea9d3432bff="Phbs83"]Glad he was caught! Btw, I wouldn't recommend leaving your AIM S/N in your profile )[/quotea9d3432bff]

I just removed it.

thanks for the info!

Shadow Link 721

30-10-2005 20:28:36

This guy is still trying to scam people. Its been a little over a month since this thread was started, and he is still at it. He just IMed me

BroSSeR06 hey
BroSSeR06 I saw you on Free Ipod Guide
BroSSeR06 would you like to trade referrals?
me http//forum.freeipodguide.com/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=5803
BroSSeR06 ?
me u were banned
BroSSeR06 thats not me
BroSSeR06 someone was pretending to be me
BroSSeR06 thats what got them banned
me that person has ur aim
BroSSeR06 ni the first place
BroSSeR06 yeah
BroSSeR06 he put my IM
BroSSeR06 to make it look like it was me
me then send me a PM on the forum
me i dont normally do trades on aim
me so u going to PM me?

then he logged out (and didnt PM me). Its a good thing that I searched the forums for his SN and didnt fall for his tricks.

This goes to show you that banning some people isnt enough...


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