pretty shady eh

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19-09-2005 15:47:16

i imed this guy and jus to be safe i wanted to see if he was a fruader so i had 2 convos with em

convo 1

me [625 P.M.] Hello Are you there?
Th3 Grrreat 1 [625 P.M.] hi!
me [625 P.M.] hi can u do freepay nano
Th3 Grrreat 1 [625 P.M.] why yes i can..
me[625 P.M.] ok would u like to trade
Th3 Grrreat 1 [625 P.M.] well all i need right now is mp3players4free
me [626 P.M.] ok
Th3 Grrreat 1 [626 P.M.] so can you?
me [627 P.M.] yea
Th3 Grrreat 1 [628 P.M.] great so you want to trade?
me [628 P.M.] ya
Th3 Grrreat 1 [628 P.M.] great you have to go first since you have lower feedback than me
me[628 P.M.] wuts ur trade record on fig
me [628 P.M.] ?
Th3 Grrreat 1 [629 P.M.] o wait i thought this was from a4f..
me [629 P.M.] no
Th3 Grrreat 1 [629 P.M.] o well i am +41 on a4f and +1 (i tink) on fipg
me [629 P.M.] ok im +4
me [631 P.M.] so can u do it now
me [632 P.M.] ?
Th3 Grrreat 1 [633 P.M.] nah sorry
me [633 P.M.] when
me [634 P.M.] so how can u do nanos twice yea im gratis rocks gotcha
Th3 Grrreat 1 [637 P.M.] well i did say i could do it from my firneds house...
me [638 P.M.] yea but pretty shady cause u hhad 2 or 3 pms about nanoipods also on the post there sot thats like 5 friends and woudnt u just have ur "friends" do ur ref link instead of trading
Th3 Grrreat 1 [638 P.M.] well maybe because i didnt sign up for ipodnano yet
Th3 Grrreat 1 [639 P.M.] and i only completed one trade on fipg cuz i hate going first
Th3 Grrreat 1 [639 P.M.] go to a4f i am +41 trader there
me [640 P.M.] uh huh its a little shady though.........
Th3 Grrreat 1 [640 P.M.] well im sorry
me [641 P.M.] if u dint sign upp for anao yet u could do it here
Th3 Grrreat 1 [641 P.M.] yea but i dont like going first...
me [641 P.M.] well its the rules
me [641 P.M.] ur twisting things around
Th3 Grrreat 1 [641 P.M.] yea i know thats why im not trading....
me [642 P.M.] o hi stroid WHEN THIS IS ON FIG U WILL SEE IT
Th3 Grrreat 1 [642 P.M.] ?
me [642 P.M.] ur getting caught in lies
Th3 Grrreat 1 [642 P.M.] ok
me [643 P.M.] i jus wanted to say hi to stroid cause he will read this
me [643 P.M.] bye
Th3 Grrreat 1 [643 P.M.] okkkkay bye

other aim

Gratisrocks hi can u do gratis ipodnanos
Th3 Grrreat 1 y yes i can
Gratisrocks ok
Th3 Grrreat 1 can you do mp3players4freE?
Gratisrocks ya
Th3 Grrreat 1 ur from a4f right?
Gratisrocks no fig
Gratisrocks r ya gonna do it form ur frioends or ur house now
Th3 Grrreat 1 my friends...
Gratisrocks ok when
Gratisrocks so how can u do nanos twice yea im flyersman67 gotcha


19-09-2005 15:48:02

wut u think


19-09-2005 15:49:57

me [633 P.M.] when
me [634 P.M.] so how can u do nanos twice yea im gratis rocks gotcha

maybe you shouldnt take out parts of the convo when you post things like this


19-09-2005 15:57:27


go away.


19-09-2005 15:58:06

arent you flyersman67 from a4f? i dont understand why you couldnt have counted your rep there...its simply because you wanted him to go first for some reason. by posting this is brings the suspiscion that you are just trying to scam him and are mad he didnt cooperate


19-09-2005 15:59:12


go away.[/quoteb83731e409]

agreed. get off our forums, youre just ruining them


19-09-2005 15:59:40

i got his aim from this site and what i leave out of convo


19-09-2005 18:45:04

Damn, where are the mods tonight?


19-09-2005 19:03:12

why would you admit to being flyersman?

well i guess you were bored and looking to be banned right? wink


19-09-2005 20:10:57

no i was iming him on that s/n and seeing if he would do my nanos and jus to make sure hes no scammer i imed him on my other s/n flyersman67 and he could do it so i told him yea im flyersman67 (the other guy) gotcha (as in yea ur scammin and frauding) i already admitted in a post that i am flyersman but NOT A SCAMMER. im +4 here and waiting for stackmjwiz to green for me then ill be +5 about to green for 2 other people (1 currently not in module) and be +7. bbpall said i was a scammer cause i thought i did ancestry right and HE SAID IF U SHOW ME A CONFRIM E-MAIL ILLL SEND IT TO U so i showed it to him he thought i was lying and never gave me the epassporte. good thing he didnt cause i did the offer wrong. So basically im not a scammer i was trying to point out a possible scammer/frauder


19-09-2005 20:28:26

yeah i get the point you were trying to make, but you/flyersman is a past scammer.

thats the point we are trying to make.


19-09-2005 20:42:19

i did an offer wrong ONCE and ddint even get anything form that guy so im not a scammer. im already +4 like i said im jsu pointing out for u guys to watch him