Calling out CoMpFrEaK

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18-09-2005 10:58:20

They have done another offer so we'll see if it credits...


18-09-2005 11:05:47

Scammers section, not trading post...?


18-09-2005 11:35:25

yeah really....moved from TP to Scammers.


18-09-2005 12:17:56

so what are the details of your trade? because by that its just him offering to do your site if you do his.

doesnt really show anything.


18-09-2005 13:07:26

I'll list my whole conversations through pm later tonight...


18-09-2005 13:11:31

dont know if hes a scammer or not but hes owed me 2 3604free refs for a few weeks without a yellow as of this moment, im waiting on him to finish off my account with one of them, we agreed on another site for the other cause of the delay.


18-09-2005 14:34:10

Stop IM'ing me on AIM goddamnit. I am NOT CoMpFrEaK.


18-09-2005 14:43:37



18-09-2005 14:52:22

[quotea2b66fe913="comppimp"]Stop IM'ing me on AIM goddamnit. I am NOT CoMpFrEaK.[/quotea2b66fe913]


18-09-2005 14:54:10

[quote1c4eb8d4a0="comppimp"]Stop IM'ing me on AIM goddamnit. I am NOT CoMpFrEaK.[/quote1c4eb8d4a0]



18-09-2005 15:22:33

pimps can be freaks too )


18-09-2005 16:23:38

[quotec24ae64980="comppimp"]Stop IM'ing me on AIM goddamnit. I am NOT CoMpFrEaK.[/quotec24ae64980]

whoops, you and the person i'm trying to contact are right next to each other on my IM list... both very similiar names... my bad...


18-09-2005 16:29:36

[quoteb2260d4d0a="comppimp"]Stop IM'ing me on AIM goddamnit. I am NOT CoMpFrEaK.[/quoteb2260d4d0a]HAHAHAHAHAHHA


18-09-2005 17:20:58

You imed me with something like

"Now your saying you dont have a trade with me"

I never said anything along that line, not to mention i was not around when you IMed me since i was out.

This is a conversation dating back to 9-14

ahreno ( H 065641) any update for me?
booitscompfreak ( H 073058) i
booitscompfreak ( H 073101) 've been uber busy
booitscompfreak ( H 073119) weekends are a better time to IM me
ahreno ( H 073300) weekends i'm busy
ahreno ( H 073304) this is getting a bit out of hand
ahreno ( H 073308) it's been two months
booitscompfreak ( H 073317) yea, blame it on gratis-(
ahreno ( H 073335) well you haven't put in any support tickets or anything
booitscompfreak ( H 073336) i'll see what i can do tonight
booitscompfreak ( H 073338) ok?
booitscompfreak ( H 073343) thats cuase they effind ont work
ahreno ( H 073343) sure
ahreno ( H 073354) i've had them work

As you see, i kept in contact with you, i didnt ignore you. Especially since some of my trades are delt through friends and such it makes it more difficult for communication purposes and such. I ask you to not jump to conclusions.

I've just checked my logs, and out trade at most is 1.5 months old, you are overexaggerating the 3 month time. If you would get on AIM we can talk, as stated in that 9/14 AIM conversation i am more avaliable during the weekends ever since school started.

Damac, we've traded a long time ago, you know its just that mcuh harder when your working through others. I've expressed to you my trades and what i plan to do to get them acomplished.


18-09-2005 23:12:57

i think after 6 weeks he shouldnt have to worry about getting a hold of you when its most convienent for you.

and is it that difficult to put in a missing credit report?


that aim convo just incriminated you that much more roll


19-09-2005 05:32:25

a trade should never take up to that logn to complete imo. If you're going to trade with someone, you better be available to do their offer after they went green for you.