shadiness = Riles21

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16-09-2005 12:36:50

he was one of the first to pm me when i had a 0 tr. he has a 3 tr. asked me to do which is full of offers of doom. i agreed to a 2 for 1 where he does 2 of my freepay site. well i'm guessing since his tr is 3, he got all 3 of the referrals he needed for items4free and just bounced, because i haven't seen him on aim or fipg since last friday. i'm starting to doubt i'll ever get those 2 refs from him...


19-09-2005 20:31:31

is there anyway to ban his IP? this mother f'er was online today and finally read my PMs to him. i just hope he doesn't try to scam some other newbies.


19-09-2005 21:19:28

You've got 11 TR, how'd that happen? You've only been here 10 days!


19-09-2005 21:19:57

Whoa, same karma and TR. We pimps.


20-09-2005 01:59:48

lol, i must've done 15 offers the first 2 days i was on fipg


20-09-2005 16:37:10

Support 9-20-2005 135832 We put you on hold due to suspicious activity - you referred an amount of people who all used proxies, which we do not tolerate. Thank you.

Sorry i haven't been on in awhile, i have been out of town. However, i received this above message the last time i checked my account. So until this is resolved i will not be completing any offers.


20-09-2005 19:02:05

how convenient....