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15-09-2005 09:13:34

I traded with Megacoupe back in May and agreen I would do two of his sites and he would green on for me.

I did both sites and although it took me a while to get a green in one of them (until July), I did my part of the deal.

I sent him a PM in July with my ref. link and he never signed up. I know he read the PM because it was no longer in the Outbox and his latest posts date to July 14.

Megacoupe, what do you have to say about this?

From megacoupe
To woohooafreeipod
Posted Sat May 21, 2005 957 pm
Subject Re I can do a 2 for 1 Quote message
woohooafreeipod wrote
I need a referral

Which 2 sites do you need? I have done all Gratis sites except FreeDesktopPCs and FreeHandbags and I have only done Notebooks4free so I can do any other offercentric site.

If you can do mp3players4free and pvps4free, then we have a deal. Here are my links



Make sure to let me know the email address you used for both sites, as well as the offers you completed for each one (for my records).

As soon as you go green, I'll do that freeipods referral for you.

I will probably be doing video professor or ezfax, which are fast crediting offers, so if you want your green fast, get those 2 green for me fast. Wink


From woohooafreeipod
To megacoupe
Posted Wed Jul 06, 2005 1035 am
Subject Re I can do a 2 for 1 - COMPLETED! )
HI megacoupe,

It took a very long time but I finally received credit for the Gourmet Coffee Select offer on site. I had already turned green for your MP3players4free.

We agreed on a 2 for 1 so heres my link for FreeIpods



15-09-2005 13:10:55

It took you two months to green on one of his sites?


15-09-2005 13:33:01

[quotef04d3e4c40="wood"]It took you two months to green on one of his sites?[/quotef04d3e4c40]

Yes, I had to keep emailing OC to get credit and also had to call the offer company. I was doing everything possible to do my part of the deal.