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13-09-2005 18:45:30

i don't want to jump to any conclusions since i'm a newbie myself, [b9a7fb19316]but[/b9a7fb19316] this doesn't sound kosher to me....

FreeZaFrame Have you currently done FreeFlatScreens?
biggs LPhiE yeah
FreeZaFrame How about iPodNanos4Free?
biggs LPhiE nope
FreeZaFrame Okay
FreeZaFrame What site are you currently working on?
biggs LPhiE flashipods
biggs LPhiE freepsps
biggs LPhiE freeipods
FreeZaFrame What is the main one/
biggs LPhiE flash
FreeZaFrame Okay how many more referrals do you currently need
biggs LPhiE i dunno after the shit with their server happened
biggs LPhiE i think 2
FreeZaFrame Okay, I may be able to help you out
biggs LPhiE awesome
FreeZaFrame Okay cool
FreeZaFrame First you have to sign up under me on iPodnanos4Free
biggs LPhiE whats your fipg sn?
FreeZaFrame I have been in the freebie scene I am a member of multiple forums A4F, FIPG, CB, EF, etc
FreeZaFrame I do not use FIPG anymore because of the recent bannings and how many people they ban
biggs LPhiE ehhhh id still rather do it through the forum
FreeZaFrame Well, I can give you a +1 if you would like once we are done
FreeZaFrame What do you think
biggs LPhiE it doesnt smell right to me
biggs LPhiE sorry buddy
FreeZaFrame Wht I will do is advertsie your flash ipods link on my website for as long as you want until you finish the site (you have to keep me updated)
FreeZaFrame Still there
biggs LPhiE yeah im here
biggs LPhiE sorry man, no can do


13-09-2005 18:46:56

lol if his site generated so many greens why wouldnt he just post it up there himself.

you shoulda asked him for his url...any info to find out who this noob-swice is

Darth Bittner

14-09-2005 18:55:49

yeah, he got a freeipods referral out of me before I knew what was going on. His site is some blogger page, nothing fancy, and generated no greens(or yellows) for me. Stay away from this guy.


14-09-2005 19:51:18

ahh i jus greened for him hge said he will get his friends to do mine from his site but no


14-09-2005 20:31:39

man! you people gotta stop doing trades over AIM!!! NEVER TRUST ANYONE!!!


15-09-2005 00:48:23

anyone care to post his site?


15-09-2005 01:12:50

he im'd me awhile back too