<hwmercury> came thru, he did his part.

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13-09-2005 17:56:35

everything came up positive...he is the man...you did it, you came thru like you promised...


13-09-2005 18:03:26

i know how it is (


13-09-2005 18:16:43

so lets do something about it, and get rid of people like him...


13-09-2005 19:46:47

WOW!!!....LOL....I told you countless times I would pay you or pay someone to get you your green you deserved....Never did I decline to pay you and tell you that I would complete an offer...Well ANYWAY, I got the e-mail from TRAINN yesterday. They finally got the offer confirmed. Below is a copy of the e-mail from them. Shows green on my side so you should have your green. I agree it took longer than what it should have but, I had been e-mailing TRAINN for weeks trying to get it worked out. If TRAINN is like Gratis they don't much listen to help on manual credits until 15 business days after you sign up, which would have been Sept. 2. I hope this is all cleared up now and you can remove this crap of a post. I have also earned my TR by fair trading.


We have confirmed the information below and your account has been credited.

Account Services
Transcendent Innovations
----- Original Message ----- From "Chris Fuller" <hwmercury@hotmail.com>
To <contact@trainn.org>
Sent Monday, September 12, 2005 456 PM
Subject Still no Credit---Please reply

I signed up for the official auctioneers site one month ago and still not received credit for it. I have been told you guys were looking into it but, I have not gotten any answers yet. Again, below is a copy of the confirmation e-mail received from them.

From Paycom Receipts <receipts@paycom.net>

Reply-To Official - Auctioneerz <support@billingsupport.com>
Sent Thursday, August 11, 2005 926 PM
To email==hwmercury@hotmail.comhwmercury@hotmail.com=hwmercury@hotmail.comhwmercury@hotmail.com/email
Subject http//www.official-auctioneerz.com Order Confirmation

| | | Inbox

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your purchase of the following product(s)

www.official-auctioneerz.com brought to you by \\\'PAYCOM.NET liYellowLeaf\\\'

Official - Auctioneerz - 1 Day For $1

Website URL http//www.official-auctioneerz.com

You can access the above website using the information below

Username lilililililili
Password lililili

If you cannot access this website, please go to


Paycom.net is a designated payment processor for \\\'PAYCOM.NET liYellowLeaf\\\'.

Your statement will reflect that you have been billed by PAYCOM.NET liYellowLeaf
in the amount of $1.00

Member ID lilililililili

This purchase is subject to the terms and conditions of this sale.

Paycom.net provides 24 hour billing customer service. Please visit our website


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(Within/Outside US) 1-310-827-9939
(Within US) 1-800-893-8871

Please refer all non-billing questions to the webmaster of the website.


13-09-2005 19:54:36

so is it green?


14-09-2005 16:03:26

it's green...again thanks doing business with you...


14-09-2005 16:05:34

OK, since it's green why don't you edit this post so that everyone knows this is fixed.