bigfelipe = credit card fraud

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05-09-2005 21:37:01

I just payed him $20..

He went green instantly on TheFreeProject.

Refused to trade unless it was an INSTANT paypal and an INSTANT green..


Here's the convo
[2019] imtuant Hi
[2019] imtuant If i sign up for thefreeproject under you and go green instantly
[2020] imtuant will i get my money right after i go green?
[2028] ryanish2005 Yes
[2028] imtuant could i get your referral link
[2028] ryanish2005 Sure.
[2028] ryanish2005 One sec!
[2028] ryanish2005 http//
[2028] imtuant [ Zone Labs Security alert Session not encrypted because imtuant is not protected by IM Security ]
[2028] ryanish2005 Oops lol
[2028] ryanish2005 Just 1 ;)
[2028] ryanish2005 http//
[2028] imtuant ok
[2029] imtuant hang on a sec, ill get it completed in 5 minutes
[2029] ryanish2005 ok
[2029] ryanish2005 Cool
[2029] ryanish2005 Do an instant offer
[2029] imtuant ok ill see
[2033] imtuant do you see my email
[2033] ryanish2005 Not yet
[2033] ryanish2005 Which email?
[2034] imtuant f.fernandez02
[2034] imtuant 01
[2034] imtuant refresh
[2034] ryanish2005 ?
[2034] ryanish2005 Thats not an email
[2034] ryanish2005 lol
[2034] ryanish2005
[2034] ryanish2005 I see ya
[2036] imtuant ok
[2036] imtuant im doing a offer right now
[2036] ryanish2005 Which?
[2038] imtuant uh
[2038] imtuant looks like itll be video professor
[2039] ryanish2005 Okay
[2039] ryanish2005 cool
[2043] imtuant i think im green
[2043] imtuant am I?
[2044] imtuant how do I tell?
[2044] ryanish2005 One sec
[2044] ryanish2005 15443 User Has 1 Full Offer Credit
[2044] ryanish2005 You are green!
[2044] imtuant )
[2044] imtuant that was quick
[2044] ryanish2005 Yep
[2044] ryanish2005 It's an excellent site
[2044] ryanish2005 Please send me a PM with your PayPal address
[2045] imtuant
[2045] imtuant is my paypal
[2045] ryanish2005 and then once I have a TR over +2, we can request a TR +
[2045] ryanish2005 ok
[2047] ryanish2005 Cash sent!
[2052] imtuant got it! thanks
[2052] imtuant request a trade with me
[2052] imtuant once u get 2+
[2053] imtuant thaks agian
[2053] ryanish2005 Sure thing
[2053] ryanish2005 Yep
[2053] ryanish2005 P
[2128] ryanish2005 um
[2128] imtuant [ Zone Labs Security alert Session not encrypted because imtuant is not protected by IM Security ]
[2128] ryanish2005 What the fuck.
[2129] ryanish2005 You better have some quick answers
[2129] ryanish2005 WHy is your account red
[2129] ryanish2005 Dude, I can get my money back, no problem, have your PayPal account frozen for fraudulent activity
[2129] ryanish2005 so, don't mess with me, I've done this to SEVERAL people
[2130] ryanish2005 I expect a $20 refund, or I will be placing a fraudulent request through PayPal
[2130] lilili "imtuant" signed off at Mon Sep 05 213046 2005.
[2131] lilili "imtuant" signed on at Mon Sep 05 213141 2005.
[2131] ryanish2005 You had also better talk to me
[2131] lilili "imtuant" signed off at Mon Sep 05 213152 2005.
[2131] lilili Error while sending IM This user is currently not logged on
[2131] lilili "imtuant" signed on at Mon Sep 05 213157 2005.
[2132] ryanish2005 You better respond
[2132] imtuant [ Zone Labs Security alert Session not encrypted because imtuant is not protected by IM Security ]
[2132] lilili "imtuant" signed off at Mon Sep 05 213210 2005.

Now, I will be calling PayPal and getting this resolved if he doesn't respond asap with my refund.

I contacted TFP too.


05-09-2005 22:06:10

well 1st off, you're trying to inflate your TR by asking him to request TR when you have +2. it doesnt work like that, you are credited or denied TR, depending on what your TR was when the trade took place, so ill keep that in mind when looking through the Requesting TR's.

about bigfelipe, id suggest doing what you said you were going to do and file a paypal dispute, also ill look into him and whether he should be banned or not.


05-09-2005 23:26:21

Ryanish, could you post a screenshot of him being red please?


06-09-2005 14:32:46

In responce to your question
I was going to request TR once I had +2 or higher TR.

HEre's a screenshot
http/" alt=""/"328/510/scammer9ux.jpg[" alt=""/imga520edf07e]
[img="a520edf07e]http/" alt=""/"328/7122/scammer28vb.jpg[" alt=""/imga520edf07e]


06-09-2005 14:37:50

yeah i know you were going to Request TR when you were plus 2.

it doesnt work like that. you get +TR depending on what your TR is when you do the trade, not when you have +2TR and then decide to request TR.

so you wont be getting credit for it even if we did allow that, since i doubt bigfelipe will be back to change his status to Request TR.

ill discuss this with the other mods. do you want us to try and sort it out before we ban him? or do you think that wont happen?


06-09-2005 15:01:18

That defenitely won't happen. He ignores all my AIM messages.

I am trying to resolve it with PayPal too.

Send the IP ban!! )



06-09-2005 23:26:50

ok he has been banned.

ill leave this open, just incase he does get in touch with you and you get it sorted out. i realise thats a slim chance, but a slim chance is better than no chance right? D


07-09-2005 15:50:03

Yeah, I think im tough out of luck unless I find some way to do a money back in PayPal.