I got scammed, and I need advice....

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29-08-2005 19:44:40

The trade didn't take place through FIPG but actually A4F, but their website is down and I'm looking for advice. I made a trade with someone with the aim SN (removed). I was to pay him $25 paypal for a 3604free referral.

I payed him, and the next morning he emails me saying "I've done your offer" however, no new email showed up in my referrals list. So I emailed him back asking what email address he used. He hasn't responded.

So I check on aim, he's not online, so I keep checking aim throughout the day, I finally sign onto another SN, and he has me blocked.

I believe I have been scammed and I want to know what I can do to get my money back?


29-08-2005 19:55:49

Well you are in a tough situation. What you can do is try to get your paypal refunded. (If anyone has any details as to how that would go please post because I dont know the details, but someone mentioned this before) Or you can keep trying and hope to get in contact with him. But from what you've posted, he doesnt look like someone that will give you that referral or back that paypal.


29-08-2005 20:02:07

email the site that you signed up for and they will most likely put his account on hold. open a paypal dispute as well. sometimes it works. i won a dispute with that scooter prick but only got $14 out of him.


29-08-2005 20:13:11

I got in contact with him. He claims that he didn't block me on aim. We are going to resolve things (or try to) tomorow.