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25-08-2005 17:48:54

Welp pretty much it went like this. I was 9 TR he was 8 TR so he went first and "completed" an offer on flashipods4free then he went 9 TR so I did an offer for him on getipod4free. I went green and he told me he did columbia house offer which takes 2-3 weeks to credit. It has now been a month with no credit. All attempts to contact him have failed and when I try to contact him on aim he doesn't reply. I am believing that he is scamming me.

If he can come online and clear this up I will revoke this.


28-08-2005 09:59:57

can a mod look into this at all?


02-09-2005 23:42:33

I have the DVDs on my dresser right now. I DID do the offer. They just haven't credited for it.

I'm not scamming you. I've been really busy lately, I'm sorry. I'll try and contact you as soon as I can so we can work this out.


02-09-2005 23:44:25

if you guys do work this out, please come back here and say so.....also edit the title to say resolved or something like that.


03-09-2005 00:19:14

We are now working to resolve this issue.


12-09-2005 16:27:57

he just paypaled me some money for the ref that i did for him so it is all cleared up now.


12-09-2005 16:45:11

good good....glad to hear that D


12-09-2005 19:11:22

Jesusnerd, you really from seattle?
If so, as am I.


13-09-2005 22:19:32

Actually, I'm from Olympia, but Seattle's more recognizable.