Joe91 and thebluegrasser

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25-08-2005 11:04:34

Joe91 was supposted to green for me on freeipods 3 weeks ago saying he did an instant offer but still nothin

thebluegrasser said he would go green on freeipods as well once i sent him the money over 2 weeks ago

i know joe91 is reading my pms but thebluegrasser has seemed to be outa contact


25-08-2005 21:03:44

thebluegrasser was dq'd on flashipods4free for me, he never asked for payment from me though


03-09-2005 16:26:38

has anyone else had a problem with these ppl?


03-09-2005 22:20:32

I did a trade with thebluegrasser a while back. He greened on my free360xbox, had no problems (Although I havent been in the approval process yet).