unclerawr - possible scammer

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15-08-2005 08:47:56

Made trade on 11th free360xbox for my freepsps.com

i went green same day he hasnt replyed to a pm since the 11th!!!!

and still hasnt even signed up for my site...

Where the hell are you?


15-08-2005 10:00:38

Why were you even trading with him? hes only +1


15-08-2005 10:38:13

yeah... another person forgets to read the rules. like i havent seen this one before.


15-08-2005 13:06:55

I went out of town for the weekend. I've already signed up for his link. And as soon as I get home from work later tonight, I'm going to sign up for a deal. Please don't jump to conclusions too early.


15-08-2005 13:08:49

As much as i hate people being scammed, but you did fail to read the rules and traded with less then +2 TR (on both side)


15-08-2005 13:46:12

i actually have 3 trades they just arent showing


16-08-2005 22:31:30

[quotee7c1adc49f="geemic"]i actually have 3 trades they just arent showing[/quotee7c1adc49f]

You still haven't completed an offer for me, Geemic!


27-08-2005 09:40:38

Officially Scammed by unclerawr he hasnt replied since the day of this post and still hasnt completed our trade will someone do somthing about him?