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04-08-2005 07:25:01

I've sent at least 2 pms to you that have been left unresponded over the last few days and in the trade modules you've put you're self as "Gone yellow" yet you haven't signed up for my site. I just want to know what's going on cause you said you'd AT LEAST sign up 2 days ago. I just expect you to at least make an effort towards this and do it in the same reasonable time that I did your site. I'm not calling you a scammer but its happened to me twice before and hell if i'm going to let it get away again.


04-08-2005 10:21:24

has anyone had any problems trading with him or past trading history?


04-08-2005 10:35:17

Yeah I'm here.

lol j/k

But my name is Josh....


04-08-2005 11:02:21


I hate to sound like I can't take a joke, but you wouldn't be laughing if you were being possibly scammed on your last green.


04-08-2005 11:43:57

Lol sorry man. I couldn't resist.

I hope everything goes fine with tyou and Josh.


04-08-2005 16:26:50

hey he did the same thing with me
i went green a couple hours after i did the offer and he said he would get his friend to do it the next day, then he said it took him all day to sell his car, he also said he was yellow on the module when he isnt.

where can he be?


04-08-2005 22:12:55

he told me the same story about doing the offer over his friends house
i really wish hed at least keep contact with me. i know hes read one of my pms and didnt respond to it.


05-08-2005 07:22:01

I just IMed him and got no response and a minute later he put his away message up and left. Hes a terrible trader. Mods need to take note of this IMMEDIATELY. suspend his trading, shut him down, w/e steps are necessary.
its been 3 days since he said hed sign up and its highly suspicious when someone puts themself yellow and doesnt sign up.


06-08-2005 16:03:24

yea he is always online but never responds and hasnt returned to the forums in a couple of days and its been 6 days since he said he would go green for me.


07-08-2005 10:47:45

I'm here guys, just been having more problems with my kidneys. I'll take care of each and every one of you.

Sorry for the delay.


07-08-2005 11:52:47

[quote5173570e9b="Josh"]I'm here guys, just been having more problems with my kidneys. I'll take care of each and every one of you.

Sorry for the delay.[/quote5173570e9b]

What's wrong with your kidneys?


07-08-2005 12:05:45

[quotecbd3e2cb0c="J4320"][quotecbd3e2cb0c="Josh"]I'm here guys, just been having more problems with my kidneys. I'll take care of each and every one of you.

Sorry for the delay.[/quotecbd3e2cb0c]

What's wrong with your kidneys?[/quotecbd3e2cb0c]

well they should be green now, but they never even turned yellow

maybe they're purple


07-08-2005 12:20:32

I finally got to talk to him just now and told me about the kidney situation. Seems to do a lot of sleeping as a result of the kidneys, and I know someone that had something like that and it can get pretty serious. Said he'd at least sign up by the end of today. we'll see.


07-08-2005 14:34:58

His pee is red. shock


14-08-2005 01:07:13

I am currently in a trade with him, hasnt gone green yet. He yellowed on July 29th, but no green so far. Also I havnt seen him on AIM in a while now, I hope he is ok. Anyone herd anything from him recently? I am sure he will take care of the green, I just want to know if he is been in contact with anyone? Thanks.


14-08-2005 03:12:40

i am not sure if his kidneys are messed up, but from past experiences he is probably buying time. i got scammed by scooter and frankgratis and they all came up with serious matters to get sympathy. i am not saying this is the case, but it sure seems like it to me.


14-08-2005 21:27:02

at least before he was on AIM now hes just off the map, even if he does have serious bodily issues i think some action should be taken
its nearing 2+weeks since i did his green and i haven't heard from him
he "promised" to at least sign up and hes well broken that
Iamb most likely going to put his site account on hold until i hear from him

Its just all too convenient for him to become sick in the middle of ~5trades in which the other people went first


15-08-2005 00:44:44

yea he was suppost to at least sign up a while ago long before he had any problems.


17-08-2005 12:48:10

I think this dude might be dead. Hasnt even looked at my PM's, he hasnt been on in forever. My first time getting scammed, its a sad day. Oh well. Peace


21-08-2005 16:34:34

can we please ban this dude. he hasnt been on in forever, he owes me a green and im sure he will never see it. Im pretty sure his kidney excuess has ran out of time.