Anybody else having problems with Decile?

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01-08-2005 15:34:12

Hello I am in a trade with Decile and I am green on his list but he is not even on my referral list...
Last time I heard from him was Jul 14th...
And I sent him a couple of messages and he disappeared.. Anybody else having a problem with him?


01-08-2005 15:44:40

I've had many trades with him and every trade he did went through and was fine and he never went red in anything.


01-08-2005 17:23:01

Still waiting on him to green on logitech


03-08-2005 06:34:22

I hope he comes through since he was quite communicative at first but now he disapeared...


03-08-2005 11:16:38

I had a trade setup with him for getipod4free but i deleted it, due to time constraints.


03-08-2005 12:24:17

I'm actually in a trade with him - but I haven't gone green for getipod4free bcos of netflix not crediting me. However, he hasn't replied to my PM sent a week ago reg. this not crediting. Donno what has happened.


05-08-2005 15:56:20

What do I do??
He sent me a message saying that he went green , but he is not on my list and he is telling me to give him another link ...
Hes saying that since he is not in my list he cant do a support ticket


05-08-2005 20:48:35

[quote73c9cadf4b="locoboy"]What do I do??
He sent me a message saying that he went green , but he is not on my list and he is telling me to give him another link ...
Hes saying that since he is not in my list he cant do a support ticket[/quote73c9cadf4b]

I did your freephotoipods the first time I got your link and even went first without noticing your TR but it didnt register me as your referral so I can't do anything about that as I have told you 2 timesin the PMs and asked if you have any other sites that you need because of that...


09-08-2005 12:34:38

Decile greened for me on freedigitalplayers after I greened for him/her on getipod4free. Unfortunately, after I got all my referrals and placed my order, I got an email from Shamel saying Decile is a fraudulent user.

I PM'd him two days ago to see what he had to say for him/herself and he/she ignored the PM (though he did read it).


13-08-2005 11:30:47

I went green for decile for getipod4free and I'm wondering when he's gonna log in and do my freeipod ( I'm waiting for like 3 days and he's not even read my PM! Hope he replies to this thread.


16-08-2005 12:34:34

Looks like this guy has three outstanding trades, with sha316 - locoboy - and mtobey . I've dropped his TR until he takes care of them.


16-08-2005 13:25:39

"From sha316
To decile
Posted Tue Aug 16, 2005 1017 am
Subject hello - I see you signing into the forums today - pls. reply
Dude, I went green for your getipod4free and you havent yet signed up for me and its really been a while since you replied?? What's your problem man? Otherwise, I'll have to report it to the admin or one of the moderators. You don't open my PM's but you login?? "

I still don't know if he's gonna go green for me ( - hope your dropping his TR would help me get his part of the trade done. Thanks a lot sweeedfish.



29-08-2005 19:14:19

Decile has not even yellowed for me ( and now has requested deletion of our trade - mods pls. help me out. I request you guys to ban him - a TR of -1 does not seem to work! All I can hope for now is that no-one else gets scammed by him and also, he loses the privilege to trade with people to pursue freebie sites. I HATE SCAMMERS!


31-08-2005 21:54:58

yeah i quit the whole freebie scene


31-08-2005 22:00:04

[quote2cedb93d93="decile"]yeah i quit the whole freebie scene[/quote2cedb93d93]

so are you saying you aren't even going to give the people who you were in a trade with, the greens that you owe them?


14-09-2005 12:28:25

Resolving the issue with sha right now. Did an offer for him on 3604free which should have credit the next day. I'm going to send the owner of the site a message that I didn't get my credit.


15-09-2005 08:15:51

Yes, decile went green for my 3604free. Nice gesture dude! Thanks.


29-09-2005 18:12:34

theysayjump asked me to chime in, so here's my experience with Decile.

Decile had gone red for me on freedigitalplayers. When I notified him about it, he was very apologetic and very quickly remedied the situation by doing an offer for me on pcs.freepay.

Looks like some other people have had some problems with him, but I'd probably trade with him again.