zero 39 - beware, still no green after 2 months

Live forum:


31-07-2005 17:52:45

He supposedly did Napster under my freegamingsystems, but till this day, there has been no green. For the first few weeks, he would keep nagging me about basic questions that could be found under Help. Eventually he stopped talking to me and said that he does not want to do it anymore. At the beginning, out of my good will, I even offered to go yellow under his ds4free at the same time he goes yellow on mines as an insurance that I won't scam him, since he said he does not want to get scammed on his first trade, but apparently this kid decides to split afterwards. Beware!


31-07-2005 17:54:35

So did you go yellow on his site?


31-07-2005 20:58:17

unfortunately yes... (