micheloblight/dle48 = douche bag

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27-07-2005 13:31:17

This is what makes me pause everytime I enter a deal with someone. Sigh...

micheloblight88 hey
micheloblight88 the admin is ignoring my emails
micheloblight88 can you let him know about me
micheloblight88 please
kposse77 know what? that you scammed me?
micheloblight88 wat?
micheloblight88 how did I scam you?
kposse77 dude do you have like zero short term memory?
kposse77 you went red on my freepsps site
kposse77 now do you remember?
micheloblight88 do you know what happened at least
kposse77 yeah i went green for you on your site, then you tried to sign up two or three times for my site and all of your refs got dq's
micheloblight88 wat sites did I do for you
micheloblight88 their is no i got dqed for everything
micheloblight88 tell me all the sites I signed up for you if its not graits
kposse77 it was a gratis site
micheloblight88 wat freepsps
micheloblight88 you dont even know why I dqed
micheloblight88 My bro signed up to freeipodshuffles and then I was screwed over for all gratis sites
micheloblight88 What you think I purposly dqed on your site
micheloblight88 another thing wat site did you do for me
micheloblight88 freegear4me?
kposse77 nope
kposse77 shuffles
micheloblight88 wat freeipodshuffles?
kposse77 yup
micheloblight88 I got put on hold on that so basically I didnt scam you
kposse77 wow
kposse77 let me explain something to you
micheloblight88 this is what happneed I did your site you did my site then you thought i scammed you
micheloblight88 but i didnt get my item I realize you payed for your offer I payed for it as well
kposse77 if you got dq'd but i didn't, guess what, it's not my fault
micheloblight88 and we both got nothing in return
kposse77 well good for us then i guess
kposse77 but the problem with your reasoning is that you didn't get anything because you fucked up, i didn't get anything because you fucked up
kposse77 do you get it?
micheloblight88 except i didnt fuk up my bro did
kposse77 ok the person you asked to complete your deal fucked up
micheloblight88 the bro signed up twice
micheloblight88 well he signed up
micheloblight88 and i had already signed up
micheloblight88 but he didnt know the rules
micheloblight88 still his fault though
kposse77 whatever dude, i'm done having this conversation, have a good life
micheloblight88 u 2