Don't know if he's a user on here, BUT AVOID ISMAR!!

Live forum:


25-07-2005 08:13:01

I don't know if he trades on here, but he's on Ref Swap, GearLive and Anything4Free. A warning to all!

I did a trade with Ismar, $15.00 for a Summer For You green. He greened, I sent PayPal. When I went through review, he went red. The site admin said he gave false information, so he was DQ'ed. I immediately filed a PayPal complaint, and this is what Ismar is telling me.

"i only entered dashes instead of my address and phone, which they dont need anyway until ordering, and they didnt want to place me off hold after i updated information.. that is exactly why i am calling their publishers tomorrow and nobody is receiving a gift.. "

Looks like he was completely in the wrong, and he refuses to refund my PayPal. nono

DO NOT trade with him, he will scam you! angry


25-07-2005 12:57:25

i hate people..

he is/was a user on here but I haven't seen him in awhile. Don't know if he got banned or wandered away though


25-07-2005 13:30:55

Hes on gearlive a lot


25-07-2005 13:36:44

peachfrost, are you Esprit?