avoid electran88 on aim

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23-07-2005 18:11:53

His sn on FIG is dle48


This was our conversation

1759] electran88 hey
[1759] electran88 u want 2 trade
[1759] TENTHEVES who are yo0u
[1801] electran88 from freeipodguide
[1802] TENTHEVES who?
[1802] electran88 u dotn know what that site is
[1802] TENTHEVES whats ur sn on fig
[1803] electran88 dle48
[1804] TENTHEVES never heard of ya
[1804] TENTHEVES wassup
[1804] electran88 u wanna trade
[1805] TENTHEVES your banned you fuck
[1805] lilili "electran88" signed off at Sat Jul 23 180527 2005.

Lol at least use a sn thats not banned on FIG or try some newb who doesnt know any better. Im actually insulted he tried messaging me with that crap.


23-07-2005 18:44:44

hahaha, presented a banned screen name, how dumb do you get?


23-07-2005 18:49:05

poor guy, didn't even give himself a chance (


24-07-2005 15:30:45

Yeah, that guy was previously banned as well. I called him out since he went red on my freepsps site and he mysteriously popped offline. btw, his other aim name is micheloblight88 if he scammed you as well.



24-07-2005 15:35:02

what a coincidence that good2speed is posting about bad traders/scammers


24-07-2005 16:21:38

[quote83a5db3676="jonnyk1221"]what a coincidence that good2speed is posting about bad traders/scammers[/quote83a5db3676]

Hes trying to make himself look legit wink