Be Careful... AIM screenname "Free Sony PSP".. imp

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20-07-2005 20:27:36

Free Sony PSP hi
RADial ANGEL 7 Hi lol Nice sn
Free Sony PSP i can do freepsps
Free Sony PSP u want and not, right?
RADial ANGEL 7 Right.
RADial ANGEL 7 What name are you in the chatroom?
Free Sony PSP chatroom?
Free Sony PSP i got your sn off of freeipodguide
RADial ANGEL 7 liDoyli Not thinking straight. Message board.
Free Sony PSP i'm a member there
RADial ANGEL 7 What's your name?
Free Sony PSP can u change your font, i have to hightlight your text to read it because i'm on AIM Express
Free Sony PSP make it black
RADial ANGEL 7 What's your FIPG name?
Free Sony PSP i'm good2speed's co-worker
Free Sony PSP i havent registered, but he told me about the forum
Free Sony PSP he even got 3 other co-workers to join
RADial ANGEL 7 Cool. In case he hasn't told you, there are a lot of scammers who fake names on AIM to screw with people. I'm going to PM him and verify that you are who you are, gravy?

He stopped talking right there. I don't know for sure guys, but this seems suspicious. I mean, he's a member here, yet he's not?


20-07-2005 23:03:29

scammer he tried messaging me too.

I have no idea who this guy is. Definetely stay away from him.


26-07-2005 16:58:39

lol, that is pathetic....