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20-07-2005 20:19:41

I went green for him immediately. He has put it off for months, and though he's kept in contact he hasn't made any progress. He often avoids questions about the trade and answer a single sentence about MSN or something.
He says he'll go green but I have my doubts. I think he's a scammer that's good at procrastinating, because it's been over a month and I'm only reporting him now. He's quite good at procrastinating.

Chris, if you're reading this Just go green or paypal. I have given you four different options; there's no reason you haven't gone green.

Fuck. Why do scammers do this? It's so selfish; they're already getting it for free.

[b4e1bd5047a]Update[/b4e1bd5047a] He went green for me a few days ago. He is not a scammer.


21-07-2005 07:19:05

i will do your site.


21-07-2005 07:58:38



21-07-2005 09:22:26

I apologize for quick assumptions, but you must understand that anyone would assume their trader was a scammer if they don't complete an offer for over a month.

I hope you can work out everything going on. People like me are the last thing you need. Do the offer when you can.


21-07-2005 15:33:34

Can we delete this


23-07-2005 06:52:25

No, I think it's important for people to know you're not a reliable trader at the moment, due to certain circumstances. Until you can sort out what's going on, and until you go green for me, it's important for people to know you're not going to go green for them.


23-07-2005 08:03:43

[quotea78b474de0="dragonguy83"]Can we delete this[/quotea78b474de0]

You asking for deletion makes you even more suspicious. This thread will be here until you green for the person that created it.


24-07-2005 12:29:44

i ment can we delete the reasons why i didnt green yet. i had realized i dont want everyone to know not the thread. i did delete the reasons.


07-08-2005 04:10:41

This is just an update that I haven't received my green from dragonguy yet. Very discouraging.


10-08-2005 17:41:00

Another update
Dragonguy first agreed to do ipodshuffles4free, but took so long to green there that I completed the site. He never greened, so he agreed to do freeipodfrenzy. Now he is telling me he can't do it, but will do another site. This is very frustrating, and it's been a few months and he still hasn't greened, though he keeps promising he will.

Is there a caution list or something? It doesn't look like he's a very reliable trader at the moment, and people ought to know.


20-08-2005 11:29:39

Still hasn't greened. Rarely responds to emails anymore.
Sigh... can someone ban him?


22-08-2005 07:35:31

dude i email you all the time, just cause you send like two a day doesnt mean anything i just sent you an email and no response


24-08-2005 08:55:22

Emailing me doesn't really get me my green, does it?

Another update I don't need any more refs for freeipodfrenzy, so he's agreed to go green for another site. That would be the third...


24-08-2005 11:02:11

holy crap dragonguy83 this is nuts (assuming that ilanbq is telling the truth) ... just do a freekin offer RIGHT NOW and end this crap


24-08-2005 11:12:17

[quoteb8d2019fe5="emailjwr"]holy crap dragonguy83 this is nuts (assuming that ilanbq is telling the truth) ... just do a freekin offer RIGHT NOW and end this crap[/quoteb8d2019fe5]

Dragonguy83 causing problems. cry


24-08-2005 16:27:42

he knew why i couldnt do it right away just i appriciated i am ready to do his offer now. this is just taken out of porportion.


28-08-2005 20:15:30

I knew why you couldn't do it right away nearly a month after I went green for you. It's been three months now, and you're now on the third site, and still haven't greened.

This isn't taken out of proportion at all. The facts are simple I went green for you and you haven't gone green for me yet.


28-08-2005 20:16:54



28-08-2005 21:08:41

licrosses fingersli


01-09-2005 18:17:32

Still no green.........


31-01-2006 18:06:06

anything yet ilanbg??.....he wants to do a trade with me but i dont know if i should go through with it after reading this x .....what do you think.....


31-01-2006 18:12:50

wtf....its been 5 months
if he hasn't done it by now, he's not doing it at all


31-01-2006 18:52:02

Gahaha... he just went green today. I have a feeling he just did it because he's going to do all the sites again since he's in a dorm now and he wanted his TR back.

Anyway, yes, he's technically legit, but I'd still avoid him. He only thinks about himself when he does the offers; he's not honorable and if he doesn't care about being banned in the future it's likely at least one person will be SOL.


31-01-2006 20:49:25

Gahaha... he just went green today. I have a feeling he just did it because he's going to do all the sites again since he's in a dorm now and he wanted his TR back.

That's good to know, so we trade with him and get a green as long as he enters his info JUST right from his 2nd place of doing these..hmmm...wouldnt' risk the reds and greys here.


31-01-2006 21:09:32

Like I said, that's just speculation. I'm basing that off the fact that he disappeared for almost half a year, and when he returned the first thing he did was post a thread asking about how to sign up again if he moved, etc.


01-02-2006 05:47:59

ilan, you are completely telling a different story, i have not once lyed to you. i explained to you what was going on, and you said it was ok. i have said it thousands of times that i was sorry for the delay. and you are wrong the first thing i did once i could was contact you even after you sent this email "Chris,

It's doubtful you remember me, but I have good reason to remember you. Seven months ago you scammed me out of a freepsps.com referral, valued at approximately $25.

During the last seven months, I have been heavily investigating your whereabouts and information, and now have enough information to contact you or your parents directly; over phone or in person. You must send $25 paypal to email==ilanbg@mac.comilanbg@mac.com=ilanbg@mac.comilanbg@mac.com/email or I will be inclined to contact you, your parents, and/or law enforcement.

you said it was unprofesional. you and i know if i was just in it for myself i would have just made a different user name and start over and save the ref. i only have a tr of 5 so i made it my first prioraty to do your site. i know i am not doing you any favors since i was supposed to do it from six months ago. however everytime i look in the scammers section and see someone who cant do a trade for a legit reason they are understood, and rightfully so. i think it was in poor taste for you to from back this post from so long ago and post what you did. apart from your threatning email we never had any hard feelings. i might be wrong here but i just feel that this was uncalled for since when i contacted you the first time resently you were so happy i did. anyways, i did my part and am not a scammer. if you want to know why it took so long i will happly tell who ever cares. bottom line i did my part (after a long time i know), but how many would after 6 months waste a ref when they could just start over. and i am not in a dorm, im in an apartment with my girlfriend. dont make me something im not. i will be happy to continue this topic if needed. i just want everyone to know i am not a scammer, nor will i take longer to do my part on a trade as the other person who i am trading with. im only back to try to get a nano for my girlfriend. i dont even like ipods. anyways that is my story, i hope you guys understand who and what i really am. i am probably going to get made fun of but every since i read ilan's post last night i have been dissapointed. i leave it up to yall to judge me. sorry for the grammer problems.


01-02-2006 13:39:14

[quote35a7387ec5="johnjimjones"]wtf....its been 5 months
if he hasn't done it by now, he's not doing it at all[/quote35a7387ec5]
i just wanted to find out if they settled this out of this thread but never posted about it, and if he ever did sign up.....

after reading everything and taking his new T.R. record into account, im probably going to trade with him....why not....


01-02-2006 16:38:33

THANKS, please report to them your thoughts after.


01-02-2006 18:20:43

I should just mention any ideas of scamming were purely skeptical.

The raw facts are these

DG didn't go green for quite a while and his TR was dropped. He has now gone green and his TR has been reinstated. He is not a scammer.


01-02-2006 18:27:02

i appreciate that ilan. thats big of you. thanks. he is a good kid


01-02-2006 19:37:30

[quote511427201d="dragonguy83"]i appreciate that ilan. thats big of you. thanks. he is a good kid[/quote511427201d]

Good thing that someone sees ilan's feedback when they first look at his TR. Five months is just awful. I agree, avoid trader at all costs, prob should put it in signature, too.


01-02-2006 19:50:21

[quote32cbbfce9a]prob should put it in signature, too.[/quote32cbbfce9a]
I think that's a little extreme.


01-02-2006 19:52:25

[quote35b57defb5="ilanbg"][quote35b57defb5]prob should put it in signature, too.[/quote35b57defb5]
I think that's a little extreme.[/quote35b57defb5]