Can we just settle this once and for all?

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20-07-2005 11:21:08

I've read what seems to be an increasing number of posts from people regarding the timing of a trade and whether a user should be allowed "off the hook" if a certain amount of time passes between when the first half of a trade is complete and the second user's "turn" comes up.

Personally, I feel a deal is a deal is a deal. Once a person signs up for your site and you have agreed to sign up for their's in return, backing out is kind of cheesy. There are situations that clearly merit alterations to trades when necessary (a site goes down or is a confirmed scam), but that doesn't absolve the second party from compensating the first user in some way. Along the same vein, it's not the first person's fault if the second person continues to try to get that last green through another party, thus rendering the first persons green unnecessary.

Obviously, communication is key. If the first person is not keeping the second person notified that they are trying everything they can to get that green (opening support tickets, contacting site owners), the second person shouldn't have to wait around forever, but as everyone on this board has experienced at one point or another, these sites aren't always on top of crediting people. I've got tons of people that are waiting to green on sites they've completed a month or so ago.

The bottom line for me is I'll follow whichever rule the forum mods or admin decide to put in place, but there has to be some assurance for both parties that a trade either is binding, or expires after some predetermined point.

Sorry to run on, just want to see what people think.



20-07-2005 11:23:54

So, I am in a trade with Averagejoe1039 for freeflatscreens. He has been yellow and has not answered my pm's. He went yellow on the 29th. Is it fair to request deletion on that trade and call it off? Keep in mind, no communication and he has had time to put a support ticket in.


20-07-2005 15:44:05

You seriously cant expect to keep the trade after 2 weeks unless you two have made a mutural agreement. I mean i do sites at a face pace and im not going to pay for something i dont need. Also if a sites a scam it was the persons fault for doing that site, the other person shouldnt gurentee that the site is legit. I mean if the other person signed up and did their offer and then the site dies well the person getting the sign up is responsible to continuing the trade, since they themselves decided to take that risk and do that scam site.