I suggest not doing trades with mr_black

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20-07-2005 02:33:34

EDIT Okay, I will give him the benefit of the doubt here, he did green fast but not without quite a bit of trouble inbetween.


20-07-2005 13:33:38

yeah its been over a month since i greened for him and im still waiting for a green on freepsps.com


20-07-2005 13:50:58

I hate those silent traders, like if you were to send me a PM on the forums you'd get a reply within 12 hrs gurenteed, typical would be under a hr though. lol


02-08-2005 01:06:33

[quote8f1f498866="Shynkz"]I don't know how the hell he got to +29 trader feedback, but he doesn't communicate nor does he use common sense at all.

I would send him a message and he would reply 5 minutes later, but eventually I sent my cash and he signed up. On DVDRecorders4free you have the option to sign up for a points based account or a referral based account. Somehow he can't put two and two together and even though he's doing a referral for me, he decides to pick a points based account. So I tell him to go green for me he has to do 50 points worth of offers. He says "TrimLife is 62 points" so I say yeah, do that one. He says he finishes it and then says "Oh wait, it was only 46 points". And I'm like WTF? So he says he's going to do a 4 point offer, and now I have to wait 2-3 business days for him to get 4 points and (probably not) go green.

But what am I talking about, he never even told me if he finished that offer. And he just now signed off out of no where. Do yourself a favor, don't do any fucking business with him. He's just not bright.[/quote8f1f498866]
this is un needed you know i greened fast for you.