EatChex89 is a scammer!

Live forum:


18-07-2005 18:41:13

omfg look at this

(183442) IIMA soN oFA GuN answer me or ill report to paypal for my money back in 2 minutes
(183502) EA tC hex89 lmao
(183504) EA tC hex89 youre stupid
(183506) EA tC hex89 they wont do anything
(183510) IIMA soN oFA GuN dude
(183513) EA tC hex89 ill tell them that your lyign
(183514) IIMA soN oFA GuN are you gonna fucking do them or not
(183516) IIMA soN oFA GuN quit fucking around
(183518) IIMA soN oFA GuN seriously
(183519) EA tC hex89 no
(183522) EA tC hex89 report me as a scammer now
(183612) IIMA soN oFA GuN w/e man
(183614) IIMA soN oFA GuN fuck you
(183616) EA tC hex89 ha fine
(183618) EA tC hex89 did you report me?
(183624) IIMA soN oFA GuN ?
(183629) EA tC hex89 on the forum
(183631) EA tC hex89 report me
(183635) IIMA soN oFA GuN no
(183701) EA tC hex89 well good
(183704) EA tC hex89 then no one will ever know
(183706) EA tC hex89 accept you
(183718) IIMA soN oFA GuN seriously
(183721) IIMA soN oFA GuN quit the bullshit
(183726) EA tC hex89 im not bullshitting
(183736) IIMA soN oFA GuN whats your deal
(183740) EA tC hex89 my deal?
(183745) IIMA soN oFA GuN yah
(183753) IIMA soN oFA GuN why are you being a complete dick
(183757) IIMA soN oFA GuN what the fuck did i do to you
(183758) EA tC hex89 because i'm scamming you
(183800) EA tC hex89 nothing
(183809) EA tC hex89 i've been waiting for the right time for someone to scam
(183812) EA tC hex89 and who better but you


18-07-2005 18:43:50

Lol what did you do to him?


18-07-2005 20:05:03

lol im confused


18-07-2005 22:15:07

i knew you were a scammer el chexo mongero puebla tubo saltana!


18-07-2005 22:59:41

I eat chex like you for breakfast!


18-07-2005 23:12:23

Eh? I'm confused.


18-07-2005 23:17:38

[quote8d76c2aadd="J4320"]Lol what did you do to him?[/quote8d76c2aadd]



19-07-2005 02:32:52

I have a really bad feeling you were just joking around. Though i think collateral is seriously pissed.