Not scammer as of yet, thehunter1320

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13-07-2005 08:34:53

He hasnt responded to my pms and I had done is free360xbox and hes hasnt done anything in return. Figured posting would be the best way to get his attention. It has been A WHILE since I did the offer for him, at least a month.
Anyone have any info on this person?


13-07-2005 08:53:00

Don't know why you traded with him

Trade Record -1


13-07-2005 10:20:04

Yeah...I haven't seen him around here for a long time.


14-07-2005 09:44:45

GRRREEEATTT, I traded with him before the -1 me


14-07-2005 10:15:55

What's his AIM?