donaldpaul3 a scammer! EDIT: Its all good now...

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11-07-2005 22:26:59

Everything has been taken care of, he made good on his part of the trade.


11-07-2005 23:08:34

he also greyed on my in the middle of my own problem at the moment so im not too bothered about it since i didnt do his site yet.

but apparently he has had all his gratis sites put on hold and he has been greying for everyone he signed up for.


12-07-2005 07:31:02

he just did my flashiposd4free yesterday.. trade went smooth


12-07-2005 07:46:27

i know a don pual irl -D


12-07-2005 08:31:33

I already posted about this at http//

I am still working with gratis, and so far it is not looking good. This is bad since a lot of trades greyed and I now owe a lot of people. I already told forgetlogic that I am going to either pay for the trade or find him a green.

Forgetlogic, I am going to pay you the $35, I never told you I wasn't going to pay you or give you a green. I said I would make it right, but calling me a scammer and lying about my intentions just makes our situation worse.

Anyone else I greyed on, I am working on finding you another green, if I can't then I will pay you for the trade. I am tight on cash right now, but I WILL make good on it.


12-07-2005 10:50:49

i'm a nightmare trader? i always keep my end of the bargain and go green pretty much instantly! The longest my trades ever took was about 4-5 days, can't say the same for you.


12-07-2005 10:56:03

[quotecc51e7ce77="forgetlogic"]i posted you in the scammers section. So until this gets straigthened out...i'm not takin it down.[/quotecc51e7ce77]