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08-07-2005 07:25:47

More info to come. He tried to make good for a bad he pulled on me on freeipodshuffle by doing my freepsps for $17. He never came through. In fact his PMs to me caught him in a lie as if he never even completed an offer. He also promised a PayPal refund of $17 and has ignored my PMs requesting it. Since it's within 45 days, I alerted PayPal.

If you have pending deals with him, Alert PayPal before 45 days.


12-07-2005 13:18:25

wow i thought he was a honest trader
we traded several times without any problems


12-07-2005 22:21:25

i've traded with him once before too. we had no problems.


15-07-2005 06:11:48

Good thing I did the PayPay Refund request within 45 days, I got my money back.


15-07-2005 07:14:48

I've done a trade with him and he went through for me.