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06-07-2005 09:47:56

I may be screwed. I got IMed by someone on aim i thought i could trust him and didnt get his name. I did him an offer for money but he never gave me the money he said he has to go and left AIM, i imed him again 2nd time later talked to him for a few minutes then i asked him again for the money and he left again without saying that he has to go.It doesnt seem he will give me my money. What should i do?

If im scammed is it possible to catch him by his AIM and the his sites referal number?

I hope i posted my complain right.


06-07-2005 10:07:48

What's his aim name?


06-07-2005 10:13:30

His AIM is PennStateFan4tic. Do you want his ref number and site too?

ben laden

06-07-2005 10:50:14

that's why you don't do trades over aim. consider your lesson learned.


06-07-2005 11:16:33

Yup, youre most likely screwed and nothing you can do about it, always ask for a pm


06-07-2005 12:02:20

if i close my account will he lose his green on that site will he lose that green///


06-07-2005 12:05:20

[quote6eddf9ddb0="TheDarkChakra"]if i close my account will he lose his green on that site will he lose that green///[/quote6eddf9ddb0]

1. Dont think you can close an account
2. He probably wont lose the green
3. Report his ass for referral spam


06-07-2005 12:35:50

What site was it? If its gratis, PM Jake with his ref ID. Otherwise, just report him for referral spam, as Compfreak said.


06-07-2005 15:31:02

wow the guy blocked me. i went online then switched on my other s/n at the same time and he was on.

how i report referal spam/ \sorry my shift dont work so / is question mark\

the site was and his referal id was 44. i hope i wont get banned saying that im not that re hwo this system works 100 percent even after i read the guide.

thanks for your time helping me


06-07-2005 15:37:03

Goto and PM the user name "Kerms", and explain the situation to him. He is the owner of orderit4free, and he will deal with this.


06-07-2005 15:39:37

awww man im so naive111

i prolly got scammed thrice here. now im pissed i'll report them all1


06-07-2005 17:35:40

[quotec7087294cd="TheDarkChakra"]His AIM is PennStateFan4tic.[/quotec7087294cd]

he has aim'ed me multiple times, next time maybe i'll get his link and post it here


06-07-2005 17:54:47

Who? me?


06-07-2005 19:21:22

no, the aim name i gave


06-07-2005 19:39:07

[i89427e4573]Both[/i89427e4573] of your shift buttons are dead?? lol, I feel bad for you, m8.


06-07-2005 20:50:52

Do you log your aim converstations so you have some proof?


07-07-2005 07:55:43

nvm this topic should be closed. we have resolved it all and i got my money. Thanks ajrock2000!