stackmjwiz? Please respond

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04-07-2005 11:38:39

In early/mid June, stackmjwiz and I decided to trade - I would Paypal him $10 and he would mail me a bottle of Easy Cream. I paid him on the 12th and as of today, July 4th, I have not received it. I sent a pm last week to ask about the status of our trade, and no response has been given.

Stackmjwiz, please repond here or via pm. Has anyone else had any similar experiences with him? Does anyone know if he/she is away on vacation or anything? Thanks )


04-07-2005 11:56:18

Paid me right away before our WiFi trade a couple of days ago. My experience with stackmjwiz was great - responsive, etc.


04-07-2005 11:58:12

Hm/...s He has a hot avatar, thats all that cihtns. ln


05-07-2005 11:23:29

Yea, I sent the bottle a week ago. Got your PM too.


05-07-2005 12:01:51

Great, thanks for clearing that up. I've been scammed enough times on here to worry - don't take it personally )


15-07-2005 21:50:54

You wouldn't happen to have a delivery confirmation number on that, would you? It's the 15th now and it still hasn't arrived. Thanks!