I have greyed on some trades...

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01-07-2005 21:51:20

I had my father do some trades for me, on gratis. Well gratis DQ'd my father and has put me on hold, so some of my trades have gone grey.I have submitted CS tickets, and my father is also submitting tickets. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.

I have already responded to PM's, and I say again that I will make good on it. I will give the greens I owe one way or another, but ignorant and threatening PM's will be ignored and posted here.

[quote098e2fe997="forgetlogic"]i don't want to wait anymore....i've been doing this fuckin ipod shit for 3 months now, i finnally start going for approval and this happens...i'll give you 1 day...otherwise i'm gonna have to get if from som1 else , and you'll have to pay me for the green you didn't get me.[/quote098e2fe997]


01-07-2005 21:57:38

Sorry you have to go through all that trouble. Everyone should respect you and the fact that you are trying to resolve the problem, and give you time to do it. Gratis will come through. They will probably be waiting until Tuesday at the earliest though. They will just have to be patient D


01-07-2005 22:10:13

yeah you've greyed for me, but if you can get it sorted out then thats great, but of not, then ill just have to cancel our trade ok?

oh and you also put my account on hold permanently wink


02-07-2005 05:19:43

[quotef53cebde83="theysayjump"]yeah you've greyed for me, but if you can get it sorted out then thats great, but of not, then ill just have to cancel our trade ok?

oh and you also put my account on hold permanently wink[/quotef53cebde83]

Damn sorry, hopefully gratis gets it all sorted out. You definately shouldn't be on hold for something a referral might have done. Keep sending them messages, that's what I am doing.


02-07-2005 10:05:23

[quoted9fe4c75ac="donaldpaul3"]Keep sending them messages, that's what I am doing.[/quoted9fe4c75ac][/sized9fe4c75ac]



02-07-2005 14:42:48

yeah im waiting for Jake to get back to me.


03-07-2005 01:44:44

ok, you now have all my Gratis accounts on hold......i really hope you sort this out cos ive done nothing wrong on any of these sites to be put on hold.


03-07-2005 09:43:36

what the hell? how does him going grey put all of your accounts on hold?
that really sucks, I hope it gets worked out.


03-07-2005 10:29:42

yeah it does suck!

for some reason though my minimac account is not on hold, but the rest are....i was originally told that it was beacuse

There are a number of accounts, all registerted through the same user, addressed to different names and mailing addresses on our freeipods.com site. It is permitted to create one account at each of our referral-based sites, but multiple accounts are prohibited. If an account is placed on hold at one of our sites, Gratis Interent holds the right to also place all other accounts on hold.

at 1st it was only my freedesktopc account but last night i checked the others and theyre on hold also (with the exception of minimacs).


05-07-2005 08:28:34

[quoteb7f2c1b710="Retro"]what the hell? how does him going grey put all of your accounts on hold?
that really sucks, I hope it gets worked out.[/quoteb7f2c1b710]

It shouldn't, they only put YOUR account on hold if they suspect YOU of fraud. I had a couple refs go grey but my other accounts didn't go on hold.


05-07-2005 13:16:08

Oh how I hope I never have to deal w/ this shit...sorry guys (


12-07-2005 08:50:43

[quote9778decce8="forgetlogic"]i posted you in the scammers section. So until this gets straigthened out...i'm not takin it down.[/quote9778decce8]


13-07-2005 08:09:46

Now uwmarchitect sent this on Friday after our agreement that I would get him a green for logitech4free since I greyed on his freeflatscreens (7/8 243pm)
[quote1e287dfa64="uwmarchitect"]Ok, just added the link...please do the Official Auctioneerz offer...reason is that this is one of the few offers that actually gets credited (don't know why). It's a good quick offer too...$1 for 1 day. Just cancel the subscription after about 14-18 hours is what I've done and helped friends do in the past - always gets credit.

Thanks man, let me know once you've signed up and everything.[/quote1e287dfa64]

Then middle of the night tuesday he sends this to me (7/13 1225am)
[quote1e287dfa64="uwmarchitect"]You need to get your end of the trade done (logitech4free) because this has been a rediculous amount of time to put off doing what you owe. I don't care about your other accounts anymore. Stop dragging your feet and just complete the offer for me - it's a $1 for 1 day offer...just make life easier on yourself and be done with me!

I'm sick of you telling me you're going to try to get around to it because the truth of the matter is that you just simply aren't getting anything done. If you don't get the referral done by the end of the week, I'm posting in the bad trader forum and I'm going to inform Gratis that you got your 360xbox referral illegitimately...I've tried to be patient and understanding, but you're taking advantage now.

Enough is enough. PM me back with what you plan to do - and if you feel I'm being unreasonable, feel free to post this on the forums...there are plenty other users I see that you also owe, so I don't feel that this is unwarranted.[/quote1e287dfa64]

Yes, I feel you are being unreasonable! Some people have a life outside of the interent and fipg, especially on the weekends! I am trying to take care of [b1e287dfa64]8[/b1e287dfa64] trades that greyed, AND do all of my pending trades. I am going to do it this and all the other trades I owe this evening when I return from work.


13-07-2005 08:15:25

[quoteff2150372b="Blink182=Gone"][quoteff2150372b="donaldpaul3"]Keep sending them messages, that's what I am doing.[/quoteff2150372b]


Sometimes that is what it takes. I had a ref go grey for me and it took 15 support tickets from her and 5 from me to finally get back the green.