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01-07-2005 09:26:29

How people like this get a higher TR than me I'll never know, but it makes it a lot harder to avoid getting scammed, which is all I've gotten so far from this guy (TR +4)

Sun Jun 19, 2005
[quote38ec6f0878="idiono5"]I need referrals on freephotoipods.com and could do your cameras4free site for you. Please let me know sometime soon. Thanks!

Sun Jun 19, 2005
[quote38ec6f0878="quizbal1"]ok but you first b/c you have lower TR, http//www.cameras4free.com/default.aspx?r=lililililili when i see green, i will do yours! thank you[/quote38ec6f0878]

In the meantime I went green for him, then he says...

Tue Jun 21, 2005
[quote38ec6f0878="quizbal1"]i think i might be able to, i was looking at photoipds4free not freephotoipods. u first tho man[/quote38ec6f0878]

Tue Jun 21, 2005
[quote38ec6f0878="idiono5"]Well if you can't do it you need to find someone who can. It is your responsibility to know what the trade is when agreeing to it with someone. Besides that I already went green for you 2 days ago, so the ball is in your court. Please respond when you get this figured out. Thanks.[/quote38ec6f0878]

Haven't heard from him since. 99% sure I got ripped off, just wanted to warn everyone else so he doesn't get any more easy victims.


01-07-2005 15:31:04

Has he read your pms or not (are they still in the outbox)?
and you should remove the ref id at least until he has been prooven to be a scammer


01-07-2005 19:26:02

Thanks for the tip, ref ID changed. And he has read both PMs posted here, so I know he knows I've greened for him. Still, even if he hadn't read that PM he would probably check his site to see how many greens he has. And besides, he said "when i see green, i will do yours!" On the 28th I sent him this message, but he hasn't seen it yet

[quote918192c8d1]Hey just wondering what's up on your end since I greened for you about a week ago. Let me know what you've decided to do - my site, a different site I need, paypal, whatever. Please respond shortly so I know what's going on with our trade. Thanks.[/quote918192c8d1]

I don't want to jump to conclusions or anything, but this seems like a classic case of take the money and run. x I have this funny feeling I'm never going to hear from him again. roll