Where's My Money? (Stanleychs1437)

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29-06-2005 14:55:44

Hey folks,

Just a side not before I start This guy DID complete part of our deal. He greened for me after I did for him. He can be very responsive to IMs when he wants to be and through this all, he didn't throw a tantrum (as I have seen other people do when the bill collectors come).

However, in addition to completing an offer for me, we had agreed that he would send me money via paypal on completion. This trade should have been completed a little over two weeks ago when he did my green and said he would send the money that night. Unfortunately, that evening when I requested my money, he informed me that his brother used the the money in his account and that he would ask him to put it back in tomorrow.

In a tale that I'm sure many people are familiar with, repeated ims have been sent, with the same result I'm waiting for my brother to put the money back in my account.

There's no reason for me to add referral links to this post or the sticky at the top, as I received a nice little email from ipodshuffles4free letting me know that he has been approved, and "now it's [my] turn!!!"

I can certainly appreciate hearing a good twist-of-bad-luck story (apparently as well as writing one roll ) but I personally find it extremely deplorable that once again, I have to chase after someone that I had the common courtesy to go green first for.

Am I overreacting? Please let me know. Maybe I should just suck it up, but I would hate to think that someone may make the same mistake I have.

Stanley, we've been pming, please feel free to post your defense here. Like I've mentioned above, you've been a gentleman and I hope we can resolve this without starting a flame war.



29-06-2005 15:07:15

This is what drives me nuts about trading...it seems like I bust my hump to get my own part of the deal done and then everyone else drags their feet evil

I hope you get it worked out.


08-07-2005 14:19:10

Well, it's been another week or so and no sign of this guy. Be weary.