LGuard2005 Possible Scammer...

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26-06-2005 20:48:57

Not so sure why this person wants to trade, here is the chat log, make your own decisions

LGuard2005 hey, I can do free sites for you
MTJFO7 like what?
LGuard2005 I would like o start some grattis ones
LGuard2005 toli
MTJFO7 hmm, well the only one i need right now is freepsp
LGuard2005 I could do that one how much are you offering for it?
MTJFO7 $10?
LGuard2005 thats pretty cheap how about $20 and I will do any offer you want, like if they have a instant credit one I will do it
MTJFO7 hehe, i always start low
MTJFO7 well right now i dont have much money so i can only offer $15
LGuard2005 okay, I guess thats better then nothing can you do Paypal?
MTJFO7 yeah
LGuard2005 ok cool just send me your link
MTJFO7 whats your sn name?
LGuard2005 on what?
MTJFO7 freeipodguide
LGuard2005 lifeguard05 but my account somehow got hacked or something becasue I cannot login it says incorrect password
MTJFO7 ok one minute