Scarlett= Not Responding!

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26-06-2005 08:17:42

I have had a trade going with Scarlett for about 2 weeks and she hasnt responded to any of my pms. Does anyone know if she went on vacation? Or is she a scammer???Also her sig says +15 trader and in fact shes minus 1. I went green on her freeflatscreens, and she was suposto do free360xbox.


26-06-2005 08:25:16

you should have done a search on her before you completed the trade. I believe that it was about 2 weeks ago that she was banned b/c there were manypost about her scamming and she would log on invisibly and tell newbs that she could do freeipods for them.

Before you do a trade with someone you should search their name, and when you think you've been scammed you should them search their name.




26-06-2005 08:30:43

thanks mucho dude! sorry but im obviously a newb and i only saw 1 scammers list, so i thought i was good. o well, it was a free offer anyway. (


26-06-2005 08:31:48

lidudette ;)

& no prob


26-06-2005 09:06:58

Scarlett = scammer. Old news. 8)


26-06-2005 11:19:20

yeah just type their name in the search function and select the scammers forum and you'll find out if anyone has had any problems with that person