NEW SCAMMER "lykenew" please help!!!

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25-06-2005 04:34:50

yea i got scammed by "lykenew". roll
typical i went first and then never heard from him again.
we at first had a lot of communication, but as soon as i went green he's gone. x
1st message (june 6th)
lykenew "hey are you a member of freeipodguide? if so maybe we could do this trade over
theree... its more safe. anways i can do your freepsps if you do my freeflatscreens"

2nd message(june 7th)
lykenew "here is my link i guess ["can't have link..blah blah"]
lemme know which email and offer then i will complete your freepsps"

3rd(june 8th)
me "ok i'll try and do this sometime today"
lykenew "ok cool keep me posted"

4th(june 9th)
me "ok i signed up under RealOne Superpass
credits in 2-3 days it says"
lykenew "ok cool once your green lemme know"

last message 5th(june 12th)
lykenew "hey i can do your freepsps site if you can do freeminimacs
if you can here is my link ["can't have link..blah blah"]
let me know which email you singup with and what offer you complete"

ok thats the last i heard from him and it made no sense.
i've PM'd him since then iono 6 times or so...

i'm not exactly sure how to email graitis about this...any suggestions...and for everyone that knows me email gratis so this guy gets all of his accounts put on hold and doesn't do this anymore to anybody.


25-06-2005 10:03:26

Was he new like you? First of all, get rid of your aim link because you're basically inviting scammers. Then, read up on how to see people's TR rating and verify their identity here through PMs

Post his referral link in the thread stickied in this part of the forum so others don't get taken. That's all you can do I'm afraid.


25-06-2005 11:33:29

This sounds like bs first of all you just joined today so you obviously didn't get scammed on this site and I think you said it was on congablast so that has nothing to do with us


25-06-2005 15:38:03

Yeah. No.