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20-06-2005 08:12:05

The sheer number of posts of people complaining about this guy should be warning enough. Don't make the same mistake I did.

I posted about this earlier.

A couple of months ago, I traded with cartrenroy. Because I had low trade rep, I went green first. It then took him over two weeks to go green for me. I had to make several threats of reporting him before he actually went green.

A couple of days ago I checked my status and his referral had gone from green to gray, meaning it was rejected by Gratis. I am not sure why and haven't gotten a valid response from him. I can only assume that he fucked up, signed up for the site twice, and got dinged.

In any case, I told him to either pay me $35 (the minimum amount that it would take me to find a replacement referral) or for him to find a replacement referral for me. I PM'd him Friday and gave him 24 hours. Lucky for him, I was out of town on the weekend. Its Monday now, and I have no money or referral to show for it.

I can guarantee that he will respond to this thread, and a gigantic argument will get started. It happens every time. Its amazing he hasn't been banned yet.


20-06-2005 08:50:28

Yeah you should probably research a bit better... take a look.


Unfortunitely I am only in the process of being "Approved" and if yours went gray then it was probably because of mine... which means mine might be gray now. Too bad I can not check it untill I get home late tonight.

Maybe Cart has had too many chances... I guess I will find out when I get home tonight.


20-06-2005 09:00:31

Wow that is unbelievable.

He actually went green for me in late April...

He posted rep pts for me here

I didn't respond with points because it had taken 2 weeks to get the green and I didn't think he deserved it.

In any case, this is a concrete example of why people should AVOID this guy. He clearly violated Gratis T&C and completed the same offer twice. I can't wait to see him try to explain this.

MODS, is there something that can be done about this?


20-06-2005 09:07:49

For mine he did say a friend did it... so I am not positive that mine is gray. I try to be optimistic.


20-06-2005 09:11:37

[quoteb1d2ef5de1="amishjs"]MODS, is there something that can be done about this?[/quoteb1d2ef5de1]

Yes, its called bannination. He's become nothing more than a nuisance here, and with all the complaints about him scamming/spamming, he's left us with no choice. Banned for good.


20-06-2005 09:13:19

awesome. so awesome.


20-06-2005 09:16:56

[quote89211c695b="amishjs"]awesome. so awesome.[/quote89211c695b]

retard, you won't get anything if you do this. But here is the deal.

I don;t don't why you got a DQ (How am I supposed to know) If I create multiple account on Gratis they GQ me in less than 1 week, it has bee over 4 weeks since I gave you the green and I turned grey like days ago.


Check that thread.

I asked that guy to do minimacs for you.

He is aout of town, what do you want me to do? When he gets home I'll pay him and he will go green for oyu.

Peksim[/size89211c695b]<------ WTF are you talking about, man you got your green

IF you get a DQ from me, then BAN me forever, BUT don't complaint, it has been over months since I gave you that green, it will not be a DQ. MAN you complaint for nothing


20-06-2005 09:19:42

Banned again...


20-06-2005 09:22:28

[quote53c94f891b="FreeOffersNow"]Banned again...[/quote53c94f891b]

what a second...so the actual "cartrenroy" is now banned? I'm having trouble understanding this...


20-06-2005 09:23:37

[quotee736a76161="Blink182=Gone"][quotee736a76161="FreeOffersNow"]Banned again...[/quotee736a76161]

what a second...so the actual "cartrenroy" is now banned? I'm having trouble understanding this...[/quotee736a76161]

Yes, Cartrenroy is banned. "cartrenroy01" is just a username he created to make that post.


20-06-2005 09:32:53


Peksim[/sizee9e6571253]<------ WTF are you talking about, man you got your green

IF you get a DQ from me, then BAN me forever, BUT don't complaint, it has been over months since I gave you that green, it will not be a DQ. MAN you complaint for nothing[/quotee9e6571253]

Cart, I have not said that I have been DQed. I have not complained.

Dot points of what I did say So that there is no Misunderstanding
- amishjs should do better research before trading.
- Cart did minimacs for me, said it was through a friend. It was green as of last night.
- Cart has had a lot of chances (complaints, some of which were very unfair. one of the threads I campaigned to get deleted)
- I am not positive that mine is gray (will not know untill I get home)
- I try to be optimistic.

Is anything that I have said so far wrong?

You have had A LOT of successful trades even after your TR was reset. I think this would have been better to first discuss in a PM.

Think about Everything I have said in the past. I have always given you the benefit of the doubt. If my Minimac is still green when I get home I will change all my posts accordingly.


20-06-2005 10:23:22

amishjs did you send him a PM and give him a chance to work it out? I reread your post and it appears that he went yellow straight away but then it took two weeks to get green. Sometimes it takes that long. That is why the have the support tickets that cannot be submitted until 2 weeks after the offer is completed.

I do feel guilty a little, because I have had two referrals DQed (what does the mean?) by no fault on their parts. I just happen to be logged into my account at the same time they were signing up. After 2 months of support tickets they were finally restored to green.

Make sure you save the scammer thread as a last resort. Through all the complaints, Cartrenroy has had a lot of successful trades.


20-06-2005 11:10:00

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear earlier. No he just avoided doing an offer for two weeks. When I first went green, he said he had recently completed a bunch of offers and wanted to cancel them before signing up for more things. I agreed and waited for a few days - nothing. I had to keep sending him PMs over the next week to get him to do it. Kept hearing more excuses ('what is your link again', 'i'll do it tomorrow', 'i promise'), but since I was new to trading on the forum and his rep was higher at the time, I let it keep going. FINALLY he signed up and completed an offer and two days later went green. So he wasn't yellow for two weeks, he just kept pushing back on me for two weeks.

I discovered that he had gone gray early last week and sent many PMs back and forth trying to resolve it. I finally gave him the 24hour notice on Friday. He responded asking for 3 days at least, and as I said earlier, I was out of town so he ended up getting the extra time. I still have nothing to show for this, which is why I posted today.

I hadn't even submitted for approval because I'm still trying to get refs. One day I happen to check my referrals and I saw that my count had dropped by one, and that his green had been retracted. None of my other ones had been. Its hard to believe that a green would be retracted when the account hadn't even been submitted for approval. He had to have done something shady.


20-06-2005 12:18:19

Ah, That is similar to what he did with me. If he went gray early of last week then Gratis might not have found all his accounts as of last night or a friend really did sign up for him.

I think what we have stated is fair since it appears that he had not learned his lesson.

ben laden

20-06-2005 14:02:37

In my opinion, it seems like even though Cartrenroy isn't a scammer or frauder, he has had so many problems finishing trades and stuff he should be treated the same. very suspiciously anyways.


20-06-2005 14:21:23

I think appropriate punishment is castration... Double castration


20-06-2005 22:43:31

FYI The ref that Cartrnroy did for me is still green but I am still in the approval process.


21-06-2005 08:33:03

[quotefd7f89729d="Peksim"]For mine he did say a friend did it... so I am not positive that mine is gray. I try to be optimistic.[/quotefd7f89729d]

he greened for me on april... he signed, did go green, then signed again with different email but same f computer and told me his friend will do it..
f b.s.

he is going to be red.twisted


21-06-2005 13:09:06

I am in approval for 5 Gratis sites and it is taking FOREVVVVVVER!


20-07-2005 07:37:35

UPDATE The Green that Cartrenroy did for me was approved. Everything was kosher.