AVOID aim: wutthechris, email: cinnabartsp@gmail.com

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19-06-2005 16:58:02

he scammed me. plain and simple avoid him.


19-06-2005 17:00:03

hmm.....they were 2 different scammers on here i believe.....now it appears as though they are the same person.

do you have a username they used for on here?


19-06-2005 17:56:17

It's known that cinnabar was wutthechris, thats why cinnabar lost his TR. If you got scammed by him recently... both the cinnabar name and the wutthechris names are in the - TR .. so ya .


19-06-2005 18:06:07

ahh ok...my bad...i didnt know they were the same person. (