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16-06-2005 05:43:50

HE was supposed to do super3604free for me, but never went green and wont respond to my pms
IDK wat to do


16-06-2005 06:20:46

He didn't respond to my last either...asked him to do for me yesterday when I gave him INSTANT credit on free360xbox...

Just send him another PM, so we'll see how this goes. I'm not going to accuse until I have more info, but I thought I should at least cover myself early because something already doesn't seem right.


16-06-2005 08:22:02


He just responded to my 2nd PM...didn't take too long. He says he's at work and will do it later. Fair enough ) I'll update later, but right now I'd say no cause for alarm.


20-06-2005 08:59:02

nm, super3604free is havinng problems u can delete this thread


20-06-2005 09:42:39

Damn, some people sure are quick to post in the scammer section. Get a fucking life! I do my trades, it's not my fault if a site doesn't credit immediately. And I never promised to check my PM's every hour. I agreed to give you a green, not hold your hands or pamper your impatience.

There are many people that are yellow for me, and been that way for weeks. IT HAPPENS!

Oh, btw eyank, when I agreed to $26 via greenzap, that did not mean I would accept that worthless webcash shit. Did I cancel the trade and call you a scammer, no. I did the trade.