When someone goes red

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14-06-2005 17:10:01

Okay, so say someone you trade with goes red during approval. They maintain that it's not there fault and it's reversed and then turned red again. You end up getting your gift with a different referral while they stay red. How would you feel about this? I'm rather pissed off because I gave someone a referral on their site and I basically got nothing from them in the long run b/c they stopped me from getting the bonus gift that I was going for. Did I get "scammed"? Is this a bad trader? I'd like to her your opinions on that matter, if you were me or the other person.


14-06-2005 18:02:41

What was the reason the company gave them why they went red the first time? I would say they owe you a ref to another site.


14-06-2005 18:05:46

Multiple accounts, I don't know the details. But I think they may have created an account for a different site while at work and someone else at work created an account too. Or maybe they just created multiple accounts at work. I wasn't to clear on that.


15-06-2005 03:28:19

You haven't mentioned my name Retro and that is commendable. Here is what happened - Not thinking, I created the account from work which is a huge huge WAN that has several thousand people going over the same IP address at any given second. Because of the amount of people on our WAN the chances of someone else in the company into this is pretty high I imagine. I've contacted OC and they chewed me out and explained to me their policies but they revalidated my accounts. I asked them explicitly about it and they say there should be no problems. I've suggested you contacting OC support Retro because I feel there might be a problem on your end...remember I went green, red, green, red and then green. These programs they use aren't without failure so there could be a switch not turning. OC is telling me I should be green to you....when I log in to the account it shows completed and everything is okay. I don't know what else to do. Give me some suggestions I will not do another offer for you because I know this one is perfectly fine.

Here is a screen cap. Remember, I did the coffeee one and that never went green so I did another. I have bent over backwards and now everything I have says I am golden..even the company (oc) so I'm not sure what else to do for you.

http//www.groonesworld.com/tmp/oc.gif[" alt=""/img494308ebcd]