pdog101 Went RED

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13-06-2005 20:55:05

pdog101 went Red on my freePSPs.com. Currently trying to contact him, just a warning for you all.


13-06-2005 21:56:12

He went red for me too, and guess on what? freepsps.com Damn it >.<


13-06-2005 23:31:43

Mark this guy as a scammer and ban him. He is doing multiple accoutns on freepsps.com


13-06-2005 23:39:43

TR brought down to -1, a ban will be taken into consideration


14-06-2005 00:12:08

thx comp, Ill let you know what I hear from him once i get a pm response.


14-06-2005 07:25:36

He said doesn't know what happened and will pay me 7$. However I said no and am demanding the full 25$. Also I linked him to this thread.


14-06-2005 13:54:24

yeh he wants to compensate me for my "offer cost" what a joke. I requested 25$ as well. We will see what happens. He told me he signed up once at work and once at home since gratis says one gift per shipping adress.


15-06-2005 11:50:32

Any luck? He hasnt replied to my pm after I explained to him why I get 25$ and not ridicilous $7...


16-06-2005 11:22:34

No replies, please ban him.


19-06-2005 11:04:54

yeah he wanted to pay me the 1$ back for my offer and thats it. Now he does not reply. Please check his ip for any AKA's and ban them


20-06-2005 20:49:02

Ok lets put a hold on his ban, he contacted me back and is trying to make the situation better. Ill update once I get more info.