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13-06-2005 15:02:12

Ok - Upon Completion of Boot from Fort Benning I will be giving back 200% of what I owe - So its like a big bank - I understand some of you need this money now to pay new refferals and I am sorry that I have nothing else I can do to make that happen - I am sorry people think I am a scammer and have no faith in me. I was considering giving my cell phone number to the boards since I had to turn it off sooner than later anyhow (mind you I owe them 180 dollars so they turned me off a bit earlier than I thought anyhow); But the fact that so many people were talking such bad hatefull things I didnt want to give out a personal contact means and have some one letter bomb my parents because people can be stupid when they are upset.

I understand the anger coming out of people and with good reason - I too would probably be upset at this point in time so again sorry - I would like this thread to NOT become a bash me thread but just a Q/A about anything anyone I owe would like to ask / request - ONLY Q/A - Not hate msgs - there is a whole thread to do that in

Anyhow - People I owe money to are as follows and everyone will recieve 200% of What I owe them upon completion of Boot camp - I am going to keep the paypal info in my email= box - I need this info emailed to me at box - I need this info emailed to me at - simply can send the email on a paypal account thatll be open when I get done and if you would like the amount I owe you (pre intrest)

(List in no particular order although you all know who you are)
People that never greened on my cousins info

Damac (60 total)
Labamba32 (23)
Phbs83(35 total)
Xiolent (Please PM me with amount paid because my yellow pad is missing half the page and I cant find prior records because I closed paypal - sorry)
Blink182=Gone (20)
Tib (20)
Spectaculous16 (21)
PiSty1ez (your name is on my list for freepsps but I havent an amount or if you prepaid me - ill take your word for it if you please email me if I owe you and what amount with your paypal email)
JJPro11 (Read above parenthesis please)

Most recent bumble - Thanks again to the following for the hotel - sorry again for the upsetting wait -

drv (50 total)
ethan (25 total)
good2speed (50 total)
matt8789 (21)
junior6886 (10)
armstrong (10

the following I dont have prepayment or post payment listed so please email me if I owe you money - As follows
junjabgtrr34 (15)

Ok now this is just the list that I have on my legal pad with sites - I am aware there are a few names not listed here - the reason being I wanted to double check them before anything - if your name isnt here and I owe you money PLEASE PLEASE email me with your board name paypal email amount and site I owed you - also you can feel free to add the post here with the info (please make sure to email it to me too) the post here will be more to bump this post to keep it up top for a bit for everyone to see it

Again any questions about time frames anything that is needing let me know I would love to explain anything in more detail that hasnt been explained clearly and or maybe anyone else who read through my other post has the info for you

Rough break down of info

Ship Date - 07/09/05
Length In Weeks (Pending I dont injure my self or fail any tests that set me back time) - 14 Weeks

Following for anyone who wants to try and verify my info and im not just making shit up

Job 11x1o00yy - Term 4yrs 16 weeks
title infantry recruit
option 3
title US army training of choice
assoc. option 70 - Title statement of intent for special forces selection
assoc. option 174 title us army cash bonus 4 yr enl
assoc. option 270 title us army seasonal bonus (high priority seat),I-IIIA
assoc. option 500 Title critical shortage accession bonus
total bonus amount 20000

first unit of assignment uncm

now I dont know what half that means but thats straight off my reservation sheet so if any of you skeptics would ask some one who works outa the army or something or hell go down to a army recruiter and be like whats all this and is it legit they can let ya know =)

again anyone I missed please let me know it wasnt intentional

(And yes we can all add and that is a shit load of cash - no it wasnt premeditated to "rob" anyone - the greens for my cousin I could probably still work out but im not going to bother trying now to fix any of it just going to repay 200% of everything)


13-06-2005 18:06:44

I email=ed you yesterday i think. But i paid you $22 for free360xbox and never got my green. My paypal is email=crn001@suscom.netcrn001@suscom.neted you yesterday i think. But i paid you $22 for free360xbox and never got my green. My paypal is Thanks


13-06-2005 21:04:41

check your emails, dark.


14-06-2005 14:51:49

gotcha and saved it in my envelope titled Paypal Info - everyone who would like their funds please email me - and keep this bumped for a bit if possible for a while to make sure the people who need to see it see it


14-06-2005 17:12:23

I paypaled you $23 for mp3players4free.


14-06-2005 18:17:52

I sent you an email yesterday