Crossfire Goes Green!

Live forum:


12-06-2005 17:05:18

Crossfire was banned about a week ago for being a scammer, well. He has been talking to him and at first I thought that he was full of it until he actually went green. I am sure it was him and he told me that he did another offer so he makes sure he goes green, he originally did Apperra. So, I am not sure what you guys can do but he did complete an offer for me, and I did give him webhosting, so we successfully completed our trade.

Perhaps you should investigate into this issue? I dont know, just wanted to tell you guys though.


12-06-2005 17:30:08

yea, he said that his little brother made another account on freeipodguide forums and sweedfish banned him because sweed saw the same IP under two different screen names.

That's all I know, though...there may be more. ?