Gods A Emo Boy - Clearest Channel 40 is a scammer

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11-06-2005 20:40:47

imed saying he was peinecone, just barely escaped being scammed

Gods A Emo Boy Hello. How are you?
mushupork51 well and you
Gods A Emo Boy I am from FreeIpodGuide.Com
Gods A Emo Boy How much are you paying for thefreeproject
Gods A Emo Boy and has it been proven legit?
mushupork51 i think ive completed it
mushupork51 im pretty sure it has
Gods A Emo Boy Hmmm... what else are you working on?
Gods A Emo Boy I have done every Gratis site except minimacs
mushupork51 freeminimacs, autotech4free, phreeipods, free360xbox
mushupork51 i nee dminimacs
mushupork51 $25
Gods A Emo Boy I can do all except free360xbox and phreeipods
Gods A Emo Boy I will do one for you.
Gods A Emo Boy Only one trade at a time though.
Gods A Emo Boy Just to make sure all goes smooth.
Gods A Emo Boy I been in the game for a looong time lol.
mushupork51 whats you fig user anme
Gods A Emo Boy Trying to finish one site more before I am done for good.
mushupork51 and what are you working on
Gods A Emo Boy I am done.
Gods A Emo Boy Trying to start a new site.
Gods A Emo Boy My forum name is Peinecone.
mushupork51 oh ok
mushupork51 dont we have a trade going?
Gods A Emo Boy Saw your most recent post in the Trading section.
mushupork51 or at least pms back and forth
Gods A Emo Boy Yeah, I think so LOL
mushupork51 give me a few minutes if you can
mushupork51 about 5
Gods A Emo Boy No problem.
Gods A Emo Boy Send me a ref link so I can yellow?
mushupork51 its in teh trade
Gods A Emo Boy Send it here. I log all ref links in my Excel spreadsheet.
Gods A Emo Boy (I complete them at work when I am bored)
mushupork51 ok hold a few minutes
Gods A Emo Boy No problem.
mushupork51 http//phreepsps.com/index.php?referral=liremovedli
Gods A Emo Boy Phreepsps?
Gods A Emo Boy NP.
mushupork51 yeah
mushupork51 i also really need freeminimacs
mushupork51 can you help me out?
Gods A Emo Boy I guess I can.
Gods A Emo Boy I'd have to do that one at my friends.
Gods A Emo Boy Is that cool? Different email address.
mushupork51 fine with me if it will be legit
Gods A Emo Boy Haha. I got a clean record.
Gods A Emo Boy Paypal = email==zero4488@msn.comzero4488@msn.com=zero4488@msn.comzero4488@msn.com/email
Gods A Emo Boy Pay for one at a time.
Gods A Emo Boy I don't do more that one site at a time.
mushupork51 ok give me a fwe minutes, doing the tickle iq test really quick
Gods A Emo Boy After I green, I can do the next.
Gods A Emo Boy Unless you want to do $50 then I do both sites tonight.
Gods A Emo Boy Only one thing. I won't do freeminimacs until tomorrow morning
Gods A Emo Boy Just a preliwarning so you don't feel scammed LOL!
mushupork51 well $50 is the same thing
Gods A Emo Boy I know. Freeminimacs won't be done until tomorrow, are you okay with that?
mushupork51 im fine
mushupork51 they dont credit on weekends
Gods A Emo Boy I've seen a green or two.
Gods A Emo Boy Lol.
Gods A Emo Boy I believe my freeipods approved on a Sunday.
Gods A Emo Boy I am not sure though.
Gods A Emo Boy Oh so vague, back in the days when Gratis was the only network.
mushupork51 i dont think they credit on weekends anymore
Gods A Emo Boy That is a damn shame.
Gods A Emo Boy They're support is horrible and yet they give themselves two days off.
mushupork51 haha
Gods A Emo Boy It is true though.
Gods A Emo Boy Oh, just so you know, right after paypal is sent I can do phreepsps
Gods A Emo Boy That one I actually have not done.
mushupork51 but you can give me a legit freeminimacs right?
Gods A Emo Boy I always avoided minimacs
mushupork51 why
Gods A Emo Boy (BIG PC USER!)
mushupork51 same here
mushupork51 but i think the mac mini is pretty sweet
Gods A Emo Boy I think I am just going to get one for my gf.
mushupork51 and i figure if i can get one cheap ill try it out
mushupork51 thats a nice gift
Gods A Emo Boy I am sure they overheat, no?
mushupork51 i alreay sent you paypal for the phreepsps
mushupork51 no
mushupork51 cool processor, and good fan control
Gods A Emo Boy Yeah
Gods A Emo Boy Oh you did?
mushupork51 the processor only runs at 1.42ghz
Gods A Emo Boy Okay.
mushupork51 so not nearly as hot as a P4 or athlon
Gods A Emo Boy What about freeminimacs?
Gods A Emo Boy Yeah I know!
mushupork51 i can sen dyou the $25
mushupork51 ben
Gods A Emo Boy I am confused LOL
Gods A Emo Boy So you sent the $50?
mushupork51 no i sent $25 earlier
Gods A Emo Boy OHHH
mushupork51 once th etrade was set up, you have more TR i paid first
mushupork51 now i owe you $25 for the fmm ref
Gods A Emo Boy Yes.
mushupork51 so you can do that tomorrow though?
Gods A Emo Boy Early tomorrow morning.
Gods A Emo Boy Like 6 AM.
mushupork51 ok
Gods A Emo Boy Wait so when did you send the $25
Gods A Emo Boy for phreepsps
Gods A Emo Boy Was that to email==zero4488@msn.comzero4488@msn.com=zero4488@msn.comzero4488@msn.com/email?
mushupork51 1906 tonight
mushupork51 no, liremovedli
Gods A Emo Boy No silly.
mushupork51 and just now at 2016
Gods A Emo Boy Oh I see.
mushupork51 so an hour ago for money from phreepsps
mushupork51 paypal uses military time
Gods A Emo Boy Ahh, okay.
Gods A Emo Boy Yeah thats right.
Gods A Emo Boy Which email did you send the first $25 to?
mushupork51 so you should have 2 $25 payments from liremovedli
mushupork51 liremovedli
Gods A Emo Boy ohhhhh my other one.
mushupork51 thats what you gave me in the pms
Gods A Emo Boy Yeah
Gods A Emo Boy My personal.
Gods A Emo Boy The second $25 should've gone to my friends so I can use his Paypal Debit card.
mushupork51 i set up a new trade too
Gods A Emo Boy Since I am doing them from his address.
mushupork51 well you didnt tell me that
mushupork51 can you just send him the $25?
Gods A Emo Boy Yeah NP.
Gods A Emo Boy Okay Check tomorrow.
mushupork51 so everyhing clear?
Gods A Emo Boy Yeah!
Gods A Emo Boy Its all good now

i didn't suspect anything with it because i already had a trade going with peinecone, didn't see a problem with it at all, until a new email addy was given to me and peinecone imed me asking what was up with a new trade and $25 more in paypal



11-06-2005 20:43:37

my first impersonator oops

why does he use the same AIM name. Everybody knows who it is.


11-06-2005 20:46:25



11-06-2005 21:02:57

just got another trade from a noob. I think i stopped him in time.. HoOoosh said he sent me a trade request to verify first.


11-06-2005 21:28:22

fuck! i just sent money to this guy, anybody know how to cancel an echeck on paypal?


12-06-2005 01:50:39

oh shit....that was bad!

what a cock!


12-06-2005 02:31:54

[quote07f787f4a3="hitmenow"]fuck! i just sent money to this guy, anybody know how to cancel an echeck on paypal?[/quote07f787f4a3]

u just log in and cancel it i believe. good thing u sent an echeck...


12-06-2005 10:04:58

[quotea378a4b944="theysayjump"]oh shit....that was bad!

what a cock![/quotea378a4b944]


12-06-2005 10:11:03

Well, I guess we all know he still comes here looking for people to scam. We'll have to see what we can do to put an end to this.


12-06-2005 11:40:05

[quote9caeda52eb="hitmenow"]fuck! i just sent money to this guy, anybody know how to cancel an echeck on paypal?[/quote9caeda52eb]

i believe you would actually have to call paypal, I don't think you can cancel one on their website.


12-06-2005 12:49:57

Or your bank - tell them to block any withdrawls from paypal for x amount for the next two weeks.


12-06-2005 17:20:57

thanks, yea i emailed them and as always they gave me the runaround saying they couldnt do anything... ill call my bank tommorow.