Attention: J@ck@l == Scammer?

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08-06-2005 10:10:06

Hey, J@ck@l, what's going on dude?

We began our trading on March 28th - I went first - and you said you'd do my site on April 1st. You signed up, but never went green. You told me on April 8th you did Netzero, then on May 9th after I asked you told me you did another offer, Advantage Spanish.

It's now June 8th, and you haven't been online or answered your PMs in weeks. I know you've been reading them - they move from my Outbox to my Sentbox - and in my last PM on Monday I told you if you didn't respond I'd post in this area. Well, you read it, but didn't respond.

So what's going on? Did anybody else have problems with this guy?


10-06-2005 12:51:10

He replied and said he had forgotten, and that he'll do an offer "by the end of the week". We'll see.


13-06-2005 09:34:47

It's the end of the week, and nothing. Crapo.

I'm going to change the subject of this thread - maybe that will get his attention.

Mods, any ideas as what to do?


13-06-2005 15:46:44

what site is this?


14-06-2005 08:39:17

Sorry, this is for pctech4free.


14-06-2005 08:51:31

Do you still have his referal link?
PM me and let me know...


14-06-2005 11:46:06