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08-06-2005 09:41:30

Cinnabar, where are you? I was trying to get a hold of you all last week. No PM are yellow on has never gone green (((

U here?


08-06-2005 09:43:39

Err, do you look around the forums? Cinnabar has been banned like weeks ago. And if you traded with Cinnabar2, then you're just silly.


08-06-2005 10:40:41

he even scammed a bunch of people on and freespot too...there's alot of people not happy with him and i'm one of them


08-06-2005 15:27:55

always check the scammer forum be4 trading, this guy scammed me also....


08-06-2005 15:41:18

its your fault you got scammed that sucks


09-06-2005 10:15:57

Yeah, this guy PMed me not a week ago... Cinnibar2. Said -I'd- have to go first as per the forum rules. I replied back saying like 'dude, you must think I'm stupid' after seeing his negative feedback/karma. I got no response after that.


09-06-2005 11:41:16

I traded with him a month ago!!! His karma was good back then(


09-06-2005 18:50:28

OH, well that means that you should have looked around the forums to know that he was already pointed out as a scammer before your post


14-06-2005 03:25:06

Wow from all these comments you would think that the victim of the scam is the bad guy. As someone who has been scammed a couple times I must say that even when you check on karma and trade records and posts in the forums, you can still be deceived by someone. Sometimes it isn't pointed out or realized that a person is a scammer until you've already done your part of the deal along with all the other people that person is scamming, and only then do you find out the truth. Yes it is important to do your homework before trading with someone, but let's face it, this system isn't foolproof by any means, even for the most knowledgable and well-intentioned user.

So for all those looking down there noses at scamming victims, remember you were new to this shit at one time too and had to learn how to do it somehow. When you think about it that way, you might be able to see how it would be helpful to have more experienced people offering guidance and assistance rather than showing disdain and offering blame for those who've stumbled upon a bad trader.


14-06-2005 14:43:11

sweed only found him as a scammer after a bunch of people traded with him this guy was probably one of them
howver he should check the forums to find this out but yall just should be a little more helpful and not so mean