Beware of one user with multiple "friends" (michel

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08-06-2005 08:24:05

Just got burned by micheloblight. I know at this point he's banned, but I figured I'd list the email accounts he used in case someone does a search for them. Used my 0 TR to his advantage and got me to green for freeipodshuffles for him. The im conversations I've saved are both an entertaining and depressing lesson to anyone just getting started. Here's the list to avoid

He uses the im micheloblight88

Learn from the burn folks.

Here's his ipod Shuffle referral number in case someone is doing a search for it 18873270


08-06-2005 12:18:52

it seems like the admins got to this guy fairly quickly, saving a lot of new guys from being scammed. I posted about him renegging, and he PMed me all upset but he eventually apologized, then he got banned somehow. New guys/gals should prolly only trade with TR+5 guys...


08-06-2005 12:27:42

Yeah if your new don't trade with other new people its one of the easiest ways to get scammed second only to aim


08-06-2005 12:46:57

Yeah we were going on for a couple of days about how everyone here was lying about his scams. Then at one point he was telling me I was lying that he didn't go green. He also requested that I hand over my freeipodshuffle account I signed up on so he could get one.

If anyone knows of a good way to get back at this guy, I'll all ears. He wasted like 4 days of my life evil


08-06-2005 13:41:39

You didn't hand over your shuffle account to him did you?


08-06-2005 14:59:37

[quotee5fef9c582="hehehhehe"]You didn't hand over your shuffle account to him did you?[/quotee5fef9c582]

No way. I mean that was the ultimate shady move. I really couldn't believe that he was begging me for it saying he really wanted one when that was the account he wanted me to go green on for him!